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Share your StarCraft 2 Tips'n'Tricks!

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Messy, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    Im learning new and cool stuff about this game each day, I figured i'd make a thread to share little tricks etc.

    I'll start..!

    Medivacs (Terren) can heal Mutalisks (Zerg)!

    Zerg can mind control a Protoss's Probe, build a Nexus and ChronoBoost Zerg buildings!

    Anyone else got any cool stuff to share?

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    Build more, better units than your opponent(s).
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    Medivacs heal all Zerg units, since they are all biological. And SCVs can repair Protoss mechanical units.
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    Last mission can be beat by getting the Mind Control upgrade in campaign mode and mind controlling all the air units or ultralisks.

    But the multiplayer is where it's really at.
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    Mass thors and watch yourself obliterate any army that comes you way.
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    One nuke and that army is gone.
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    Practice practice practice till you have 200-400 APM...;) Then let the cramps begin.
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    Thors have 400HP. 1 nuke does 300 damage to the center.

    Plus it's ridiculously easy to spot a nuke launch.
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