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sharing a LaCie hdd between macs

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by lizet, Aug 27, 2004.

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    I recently bought a LaCie harddrive to share files between two Mac. Both Macs have Panther. When I connect one of the Macs to the hdd it sees the files fine, but when I connect the second one, there's no way this last one sees the hdd.
    Any ideas why one mac sees the drive and the other can't?
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    Are permissions turned on for the Lacie drive?

    Also, does the Lacie drive show and just appear empty or not show up at all?
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    Hello, thanks for your reply. What permissions? The Lacie harddrive shows up fine in the first Mac, when the second Mac is connected to it it doesn't show up at all. I thought maybe I had to share the harddrive but can't find where to do that (I'm a PC person, Mac newbie.)
    Any suggestions?
    thanks in advance,
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    Just to make sure..

    You're not trying to share it with both Macs simultaneously, are you? As in, 2 firewire cables hooked up to both Macs and the external hard drive at the same time..
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    It is not possible to share a HD between two computer simultaneously via FireWire. However, if they are that close together, you should be able to connect the machines over ethernet, and allow both computers access to the HDs that way. What kind of computers are they?
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    Hi yellow and stoid, yes I was trying to share the HDD via Firewire :\ oops
    The macs are PowerMacs with Panther.
    They are both in the office ethernet with reserved IPs, as the rest of the domain is made of PCs.
    How do I share the HDD with Panther? The rest of the ethernet users shouldn't see the hdd, just the two designers that own the Macs...

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