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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by sach504, Nov 8, 2003.

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    can i set it up so that my mac is a server on a pc network.... so that the all the PCs connect to the internet through the mac? how?
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    Since 10.2, you've had the option to enable internet sharing in System Preferences.

    Just curious as to why you want to do this instead of using a dedicated router.
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    im on dial up.
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    You can find some older routers that are dial-up capable, but let's pursue your options with your current set up.

    Under System Preferences>Sharing>Internet, you can route network traffic from your modem coming in to go out your ethernet port. The trick then becomes splitting that out for your PCs - you'll probably want a switch.
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    well currently i am set up like this

    pc connected to the internet > ethernet hub> 2 macs and another pc

    what i want is to be directly connected on the mac and the other computers access the internet through it. i tried just turning internet sharing on but just that didn't work.
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    OK, here's how I'm envisioning your setup to work w/ sharing through the Mac:

    dial up -> Mac -> ethernet hub -> 2 PCs and other Mac

    In 10.3 you set up sharing as follows:
    Select to "Share your connection from:" the Internal Modem, and then select Built-in Ethernet under "To computers using", then click Start.

    It might be slightly different under 10.2.

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