Ship Date is the 16th. Better option?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Lochiel, Sep 2, 2010.

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    Hey everybody. Really excited about the new ipod touch. Ordered mine yesterday and got the confirmation email this morning saying that it won't be shipped till the 16th and even then it doesn't say it'll arrive till the 21st. I was wondering if I'd be able to get an 32gb iPod touch either at Best Buy on Monday or if I should go with Amazon (I have prime which gives me an estimated delivery of 15th-22nd).

    Thanks for your time.
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    Has Apple officially announced anywhere exactly when the iPt 4G will actually be in stores for sale? I don't think so, at least not yet they haven't. Jobs only said "it'll be available in stores next week, and you can preorder today" which means any day next week...
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    I ordered mine last night around 10pm EST and my expected delivery was between Sept 10-14th...
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    I ordered mine a couple hours ago and chose 1-day shipping and the estimated date of delivery is Sep 13th
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    Well that hardly seems fair! Maybe I should just cancel my order and put in a new one.......
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    Doing that might give you an even later shipping date. The more time that goes by, the more orders will be pouring in. Just sit tight and wait for it to arrive. I have a feeling everyone's might show up a few days before their given date anyway. Once Apple gets the product out, it's a pretty quick ship, even if it's coming from China.
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    So just talked to somebody at Apple and talked to a not-very-helpful person. She basically told me that it's being released next week so it's going to take them a week to prep my order and ship it on the 16th. If this is the case then how are people getting it on the 10th? Did anybody else go with standard shipping?
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    Pick up at BB

    I was looking into pre-ordering from Best Buy and picking it up at the store. Before I finalized the order it said the iPod Touch would be delivered to my local store on Sept 23. I've got a combination of cash, gift certificates, and debate rebate cards that I want to use to purchase an iPod Touch, so I will probably just wait and purchase at BB. Not sure if the 23rd is the date they will be in stock for general purchase.
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    iCalled (lol) the Apple iStore (rotflol) and they said they would have them on the 5th (st louis mall store). I asked about the fifth though, so IDK what day they are avvailible on....:confused:
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    You can pick up at the store? Both Best Buy and Future Shop says pick up is unavailable to me :confused:
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    What would it be the fastest to order, Apple Store online, Apple Retail Store, or retail stores(Best Buy, Future Shop, etc.)? My local Apple Retail Store just said "sometime next week".
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    When will the new ipod touch's hit the stores like Costco or Best Buy??
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    An employee friend who works at an Apple Store informed me that they're getting their shipment on Wednesday (Sept 8th). Still ordering mine at B&H to avoid the $41 tax on my 64GB and 32GB order plus free shipping to continental US. Gotta love B&H!
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    Last year when I bought the iPod nano 5G I got it at Best Buy about a week after Apple announced it. They were fully stocked of them along with the touch.
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