Shipping Estimates on New Retina MacBook Pro Slip to 2-3 Weeks

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    While Apple announced at yesterday's introduction of the MacBook Pro with Retina display that the new models were shipping immediately, those who failed to move quickly to place their orders have seen shipping estimates quickly lengthen. Early estimates came in at 5-7 business days yesterday before moving to 7-10 business days and finally settling late yesterday at 2-3 weeks.


    The same 2-3 week estimate appears to apply to all configurations and customizations on the new Retina MacBook Pro, and the company is not yet offering in-store pickup options on the new machines. Limited stock is making its way to Apple's retail stores, but those looking to customize their orders or guarantee availability with online ordering for pickup are currently left out.

    Apple's new non-Retina MacBook Pro and MacBook air models remain in stock for immediate shipment through the Apple online store, with customizations pushing those models out to 1-3 or 3-5 business days depending on the options chosen.

    Article Link: Shipping Estimates on New Retina MacBook Pro Slip to 2-3 Weeks
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    Yeah I noticed that on my order earlier this morning too. Not very happy about it, but I suppose that's what I get for waiting until later in the afternoon?

    Related: we just began collecting USB 3.0 accessories in this thread over here. Everyone jump aboard!
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    And no stock in stores :(
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    They probably had about 10 built to begin with.
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    Umm.. What about the refurbs? :D
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    Eh, I don't mind so much since I don't have the money for one yet anyway.
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    After many complains in the threads yesterday about price and ports and other stuff, this just proves that people will buy anything Apple branded in a heartbeat!
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    I was just getting ready to order :(
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    Well, aside from the fact that it's the best laptop they've ever made.

    But hey, you're right. It's the Apple logo that does it for people.
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    Glad I got my order in early!
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    That was fast!
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    hmm.. Oh well. Worth the wait I expect. :rolleyes:
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    Ive got one ordered. I got it in the time slot of 7-10 business days, guess im lucky :D
  14. Ulf1103, Jun 12, 2012
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    I still hate the fact that their's no 17" version anymore...
    a 17" retina would been very nice..
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    Not a surprise. People grumble but they want the "hot" new thing, and anything else is just a nicer Macbook Pro :)

    The Apple Store wasn't even available yesterday for much of the day, so I guess as soon as it went "live" the available stock flew away.
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    I plan to buy the retina MBP. Is it still compatible with the 27" Thunderbolt displays?
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    It's called generating demand

    If you guys think the laptops are going to fly off the "shelves" like iPhones/iPads, you're crazy.

    Wait a few weeks, the supply chain will be established and laptop buying habits will be same as its ever been.
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    Arguably the best laptop ever.
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    I can't imagine the cluster of people at the stores after yesterday's WWDC. I usually like to get a hands-on before I order anything.
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    It couldn't be because it's an excellent product and may fit a certain
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    My order shows this and I ordered around 5pm yesterday?

    15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display
    Ships: 2 - 3 Weeks
    Delivers Jun 29 - Jul 6 via 2-3 Business Days

    Is it strange that I haven't even received the normal confirmation email that they said would be sent once I completed my order? At any rate it seems like I might get my MacBook Pro R-Type as soon as the fifth anniversary of my first iPhone.
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    Getting my MBPro Retna Early

    Ordered a MB Pro Retna with 16gb, 512gb, 2.7Ghz. Apple originally said would ship in 5-7 days. Just got email from Apple about tracking info and it is being shipped from China and will be delivered this Thursday, June 14 at or before 10:30AM !!!
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    I thought Tim Cook was an operational Genius?

    Just joking, sucks spending >3K and having to wait though.
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    No, proves that this is a great product. And the pricing is fine - an old style mbp with the same ram and ssd costs more than the new one - and you don't even get the 1 gb video card.
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    Wait and see...

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