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Shipping speed?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Chrisdrummer97, Jul 1, 2013.

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    Im going to order an air soon and was wondering how soon most people get theirs with the stander shiping i check the exspected arivalu for if i were to order one today and jt said it would be here between the 9 and 11 of july have you guys gotten it faster than the exspected date before or no???
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    I chose the free one (or cheapest, don't remember) and it arrived one day before the day that was estimated for the most expensive one.
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    Was yours a base model or did you load it up with different specs because im want to order te new air with i5/8g/128g and sadly none of the apple stores around my area have that in stock at least thats what it said online or else i would just go pick one up
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    BTO takes longer, meaning, the time they take to make it to your desired specifications. So, you will be looking for 1 to 3 days for them to buid it, plus the time it takes from China to your doorstep. Mine took 2 days for the build and 2 days to arrive. I got it much faster than the expected date, 3 days faster.
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    Ordered a BTO on June 27th and received on July 1st. Original estimated date with free shipping was July 3rd. I was very surprised since the tracking showed it was still in another state.
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    Mine came 2 days prior to estimated delivery. I chose the free option, and it arrived at my door in 2 business days instead of 4-5.
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    Ooh this is giving me hope mine may arrive this week. How long was your guys' processing to preparing, then to shipped?
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    My BTO landed in Alaska today (Tuesday) and cleared customs. FEDEX is the service. I'm in the Washington, D.C., area. I wonder when I might see delivery...the original order said Monday, the 8th, but even with the 4th of July holiday here, that seems a long time for FEDEX.
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    Ordered mine monday last week. According to estimations I'll get it on thursday. It's shipped from China to Sweden.
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    I put an i7 and 8GB
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    I ordered mine on a Saturday and it arrived the next Friday morning with expedited shipping ($18). It was a BTO in the same config you want. Since Monday (yesterday) was a holiday in Canada, I wouldn't have received it until today at the earliest without the expedited, so I thought it was well worth it for four more days of appley goodness.

    P.S. It's AWESOME. I'm running Mavericks and you get 16 hours of web surfing!


    I'd be surprised if you didn't get it on Friday. Tomorrow is also a possibility, depending on when it landed. Has it left Alaska yet?
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    Hi NewbieCanada

    How long did your order stay at processing? I ordered yesterday and its still there (CTO)

    I live in Canada too so i guess today is the 1st business day
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    I also live in Canada, I put in my order (CTO) on the 29th, and they shipped it out this morning. Estimated delivery date 10th - 15th by Apple but the UPS tracking says I should have it by the 9th. I chose free shipping.

    Hope this helps!
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    Shipping speed

    Ordered my Air tonight and received notification that it should arrive at the Apple store NLT Friday, July 12th. (i5, 8gb, 256)
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    Cool i order mine this morning and it shiped this moring and i paid for 2-3 day shiping so it said it will be here friday cant wait!!! Its my first mac so excited
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    Since I ordered on a weekend it stayed in processing until Tuesday night, then most of a day in preparing for shipping. But by Wednesday night it was in Alaska, went from there to Lexington and was in Ontario on Thursday night, delivered 10:20 Friday morning. It was UPS, not Fedex this time
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    yeah, but had you ordered the most expensive one you would have received it the day before you ordered it so the joke's on you:p

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