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    Has anyone received their GlassBooks that were bought on the Apple Store online? And for people who ordered one today/yesterday, what is the ETA? I'm just wondering whether it would be quicker to order online or wait for Best-Buy to get them in stock.
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    It most likely depends on where you live. I ordered my aluminum Macbook yesterday at 2:00pm and of got shipped that same evening. My delivery is set for Monday.
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    I'm guessing that they ship from California. Well, I'm on the East Coast. And this will be my first Mac! :D
    Best Buy will be getting theirs in in around a week, thats why I'm considering online.
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    I ordered on the day of the event and i'm suppose to receive it Thursday Oct 23 I live in Montreal.. I heard some people were only receiving it on Nov. 4th

    BUT if you do not play around with the specs or don't ask for any pre-installed software it should be fast in my opinion. I cranked up my specs which is why I think I'm waiting.

    I don't think best buy will get it anytime soon (they told me a month after the release) you should buy it now from apple.
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    yeah, I just want the generic $1299.99 Glassbook, so all I need to do now is convince my dad to let me order it online!
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    They ship from Shanghai and then goto Alaska where they are cleared by customs, after that normally they goto Memphis and distributed further from there... in some cases they stay on the West Coast if you live there though.
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    unfortunatelly you wont know the exact date until you buy it. Don't you have an Apple store around why buy online if you want the regular one?
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    The closest is a little over an hour away. Has anyone received theirs (by ordering online) on the east coast?
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    Yes, iFanaddic is spot on. BTO ordering will slow down your delivery but ordering the Alu Macbook in base configuration will get your order quick. What's weird is I bought the 2.0 model and it shipped from China and took 4 days. I returned it and ordered the 2.4 and it's shipping from California where I live and it will be here in 2 days. Both were base configuration so I don't know why the 2.0 came from China a be the 2.4 didn't.
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    it's so worth the week and half of waiting I got.. lol if you're patient order it online.. but think about this; you could be answering this very same thread in about 2-3 hours on your brand new MACBOOK!!
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    Ahhh I know, I know. But alas, I do not have a drivers license, and there is no way my mom/dad would drive 2 hours just for a GlassBook.
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    You don't really have a choice then.. I would order it now.. Im sure you'll receive it before best buy receives them..
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    Ok, thanks!
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    Well my dad decided that we are gonna wait until best buy gets them so we can get the Xmonths/years no interest financing thing.
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    I ordered mine on Tuesday evening and according to the tracking it is about an hour away from me, which is the same distance away as the nearest Apple Store. The tracking states it should arrive at my house Tuesday morning, but I'm hoping for Monday since it's already so close.
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