Shooting at NYC's City Hall

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by MacFan25, Jul 23, 2003.

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    One person has been killed and another wounded at New York's City Hall, shortly after 2 PM.

    CNN Article
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    The authorities are at fault here - letting someone in with a gun - that's just plain stupid.

    Why does it always take some tragedy to get things to work right. You know from now on *everyone* will be checked before going to work. Even if its a metal detector.


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    Because we get lazy and trust too much...that's why. It takes something serious to open up our eyes, and make us realize our faults too often.

    Even after 9-11, do u realize how many incidents happened inside airports? :rolleyes:
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    Well it's nice to see that New York is getting back to normal since 9-11. :rolleyes:
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    Hold on a second. This story broke how long ago? 2 hours? We know so little right now, I don't think it is fair to put the blame on anyone yet.

    How do we know that the authorities let a man get through security with a gun? How do we know the killer didn't swipe the gun from a police officer after clearing security? We just don't know it. Let's wait until we put the blame on the people that are trying to protect us.
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    The CNN page says "Unconfirmed reports say Councilman James Davis was shot" but the New York Times reports that Councilman James E. Davis was indeed killed. It also sounds like a lot of people could have been hurt, and maybe trampled, in the panic caused by the shooting:
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    He shouldn't have gotten in to begin with. :( Check for guns using a metal detector before allowing someone into the building ---- how hard can it be?

    So are they looking for a man wearing a blue suit, or a man wearing a cream-coloured suit? :rolleyes: They need to get their facts straight before "reporting" this. Even Fox News can do better than this.
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    Yeah, he was trying to get to bloomberg... :rolleyes:

    The congressman has died and NYC is very, very slowly releasing information.

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    it's the freakin wild west up here.....

    i don't understand how i had to 'surrender' a damn keychain when entering the courthouse because it 'could be used as a weapon', and yet some nutcase just strolls right in to city hall and starts shootin up the place....
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    Wow, look what 24 hour news channels and the internet have done to us. I am all for getting as much information as quickly as possible, but this is ridiculous. It's been less than 5 hours. Believe it or not, the primary objective right now is to figure out how and why this happened, and to fix it for tomorrow and the future-not to inform you of all the details immediately after the event only for you to criticize the police more.
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    it's unfortunate that this happened... it's even more unfortunate that he didnt get bloomberg... even more unfortunate that Pataki didnt come down for a visit today...

    by the way... thank you freg... nice to see someone defending the people who are trying to keep us safe
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    James Davis, a councilman from Brooklyn, was shot twice in the chest by his political opponent, Othniel Askew, and Askew was gunned down by a security guard on the first floor. James Davis is a retired NYPD officer, and he lead movements against urban violence. Here is how Othniel Askew got in. he brought a guest into the Hall, and they went around the metal detetctors.

    Stuff like that shouldn't happen. Everyone should get checked no matter what. James Davis was authorized to have a gun since retired NYPD officers are allowed to, but he didn't have tie to reach for his gun.

    This is a sad day. Let us all pray for Davis's family and friends.

    R.I.P James Davis.
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    hey hey hey, didn't criticize the police.

    Look, I wanted them to tell me that a congressperson was dead, I didn't need for witnesses to tell me that.

    Yes, rest in peace congress member.

    I don't care if police can get to carry guns, I know this my cousin is a police officer and his dad is retired they both have guns, but there should atleast keep them in a cubby when they enter the building, and was killing your political opponent the best move?
    No, that is just dumb.
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    damn shame. what's next, the schools?
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    the US is already quite familiar with school shootings...

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