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Short Films

Discussion in 'Community' started by Dignan, May 28, 2002.

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    Has anyone here done any short films? If so, have you put them on the web?

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    in theory i have. they're not stellar though...

    oh yes... the name.... brilliant!

    i know several other folks here will appreciate it quite welll...

    i wonder if i know you.... hmmmm
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    I use the apple sites to put most mine on the web for friend and such. Ive done a bunch of short little films, only a few fully scripted. I use a PD150, then final cut on a dual 800 and 800 ti. I knew that by taking this name, I would piss someone off by using something so good, that they wished they had it.

    "Tell Anthony I love him"
    "Do what?!"
    "Tell Anthony...I love him"
    ".......Alright man, okay..."

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    so what's the link to your films?

    "why do you have that tape on your nose?"

    ps. i am jealous.
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    Mr. Anderson

    So lets see them.

    You missed the whole BottleRocket discussion on an older thread. You might have the name, but jello's got the 'tar.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Nice home movies..... Where'd you get the tar???
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    Take a guess. I will give you one hint

    You have seen it earlier this day.....
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    You caught me...oh well.

    My 'tar sux big chodesos, so I thought if I changed it, how fast you guys would notice.

    Oh well, its back to the....thing again :(

    (I WISH I knew how to use photoshop!!)
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'm moderating the avatar contest forum, of course I knew where it was from. I was giving you a chance to fess up.

    Photoshop isn't hard to learn, just start playing and you'll be surprised what you can do.
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    Sniffle sniffle...

    I like this tar! I wonder if that guy will let me keep it, but he can enter it in the contest. I will be the one to 'display' it for him :D

    Wonder if I can get ahold of him?:confused:
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    i gotta say... the worst thing you can do is to take something someone created and try to pass it off as your own...

    now whether or not the guy who posted it made it himself, you have to at least give him credit til you know otherwise.

    that's like me pulling something duke made and saying i made it.

    it just sucks. either give credit where it's due or make something yourself. it's not THAT hard. it just kinda belittles the effort that went into it, whatever the source may be.... respect the original artist enough...

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    indeed i do....

    there's plenty of dignan to go around though!
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    I sent jelloshot some links to the many sites ive used up. If he sees them, and approves, Ill share with others. Otherwise, i tend to be a bit neurotic. Im like woody allen, even if people say otherwise, i view most of my stuff as a train wreck.

    only decent varification that i dont completely suck, is i did a senior-reserved independant study in film my first semester freshman year, got an A on my film
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    I never said I wasn't going to give him credit, or try to pass it off as my own. I want to be an "advetiser" for all the 'tar entries :D
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    you should've said that up front. that's all.

    don't try to be sly with it...

    dignan... i like... more later.
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    Ok, well, next time I "steal" a tar, I will be up front with it.

    Alpha...Meesa sowwy!
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    Im having trouble encoding a quicktime file of my most recent short in under 20mb (I am just using FCP), because it runs around 6-7 minutes. Eventually I will get it up someplace.

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    yeah that's tough.... you gotta decide if you want picture quality or motion smoothness..... if you drop the fps it can really drop the size.... but of course that's not acceptable in many cases....

    i watched most of em.... there's only the trailer for the war of gods thing eh?

    i'm curious what you shot the various things on. all video or what? the one of senthuran "spin" looks like it was on film... but that could just be a trick my eyes are playing on me.... it's got a cool bluish style to it...

    well the main thing you have going for you is initiative. i don't know how old you are or what stage of your film career you're at but in any case the key is doing stuff, and you've done that... i would be proud of most of them. and the others are fun, probably inside jokes. so it's not expected for outsiders to get it...

    war of gods is quite interesting looking.... is there more to it?

    word. out.
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    Yes and no.

    I've made a very, very, very, VERY bad one, see it at homepage.mac.com/atodd/school (it was made over 3 days at school, and is ultra-crappy.)

    I've also written a script for a much better one, and I'm hoping to produce it (about 15 minutes in length) this summer some time. I'll attempt to post it when it's finished, it will be awesome, funny, just really great. The script IS online, but I'm not going to tell you where.
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    well i think the drama created by the war of gods thing was pretty strong.... but yeah, i'd like to see a better compression of it.

    i just watched bike.... come on man! it's gotta end! i was liking it a lot... especially the camera movement and the pacing.... and then.... nope! nothing. i wanted to see SOMETHING happen with the guys...

    anyhoo, so what school do you go to?

    that stuff is pretty impressive (to me) for a freshman..... inside jokes are fine, that's how everything starts. just gotta branch out and make them more universal. but you are doing that in some of them, so it's all good.

    so what exactly did you do in fcp for the blue look? just using a bit of a bluish tint? nothing fancier eh?

    that's good though, to create a visual style

    just curious... how much did the camera cost?

    i have a dumpy 3 year old consumer dv cam without white balance or zebra stripes..... it's showing its age.....
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