Short Pump Mall, VA, iPad 2 Launch

Discussion in 'iPad Launch Meetups' started by RonHC, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Anyone going to Short Pump Mall in Virginia??

    Im going around 1:30 ish
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    I'll be showing up for sure. Not until about 6:30PM though probably. Won't be able to get off work until 5:30PM. Hopefully there are still units in stock by then. I ordered this morning at 4am but I'm leaving for vacation in exactly a week (March 18th) and my shipping estimate is March 18-25 so I need a best case scenario to get the thing before I go so I'm hoping to nab one today.

    If you're able to post estimates of the line length throughout the day, that'd be sweet.

    Keep it real out there!
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    I'll be out there about 5:45...hope there's something left. Any chance we can do some line crashing? Otherwise updates would be cool...

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    I am planning on heading there at around 8:00pm, but I wonder if there is a line already?
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    Details people details! What is the line like?!
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    A bud of mine called Brookstone about 30 minutes ago and asked them what the line at the Apple store looked like, they told him that the line was all the way up to California pizza kitchen!!!

    I am not sure if they were exaggerating or not, but if this is true that is a lot of people in line :mad:

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    Dizzamn... that's no good.
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    Only wifi models left at this point. Maybe 100 people. No 64gb black either.
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    thanks for the update, I was getting ready to head out there! I wanted to get the 64GB 3G so that trumps my plan :-(

    Did you call them and find out?

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    I'm in line right now. No black 16 no black 64 no white 64 now. And no 3G at all.
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    Thanks for the info really appreciate it.

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    Yep,sure thing. Looks like we'll both have to wait for another day. I was holding out for one of the 64gb black or white wifis.
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    I was also about to head to Short Pump. Any idea when they'll be getting another shipment? I'm looking for a 16gb Black wifi. Thanks!
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    I guess they get new shipments pretty much daily but they never know what kind of product is in the shipments. Hopefully with this being iPad 2 launch time those shipments will more often than not have iPad 2s so check often I'd say.
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    Thanks! Maybe I'll try tomorrow and see if they get anything.
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    Haha me too, I'm going to be hanging around that place like the plague until I can nab mine so I'll post whatever I find.

    I did play with the new iPads for a little bit after I found they didn't have mine and I must say they are quite a step up from the original. They seem much much slimmer, much better put together and although the screen is the same, I think it looks a LOT better than the original. Maybe it's because they had the brightness jacked up real high or something whereas I only rock mine at 50% most of the time, but the display looked nothing short of fantastic in my opinion.

    And I think the white models look great too. They kind of remind me of the anti-glare BTO option on the 15" MBP's or stock MBA with the silver aluminum bezel, whereas the black models are similar to the standard glossy black glass bezel on the MBP line. I think the white really looks great. Black is still sleeker and probably nicer but I'm definitely sold on white and going to follow through with getting one. Just my two cents.
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    I'm going to be checking often. If you do happen to notice they've got a shipment in, please post and I'll try to do the same. Happy hunting!
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    Sounds like, as of this morning's open, they are completely sold out of iPad 2's so any additional stock they receive will likely sell out pronto.
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    Called today and they are answering the phone "we are sold out of iPad2. How may I direct your call?" haha

    Anyway, my fingers are crossed for some shipments this week. I'll be checking daily.
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    If anyone is going early to the store tomorrow in hopes of the short pump store opening early and apple having stock on hand and only planning on purchasing one iPad 2, let me know. I've got a proposition that will be worth your while. Might as well make some money while you are in line.

    I would be there if I didn't have work.
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    Short Pump IS opening early tomorrow.

    Having a job is really screwing my efforts to acquire an iPad.

    If anyone is going, please let me know.
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    Agreed. If I were still in college. A lot easier to skip class than skip work. Why couldn't they sell them at 5pm again for those of us who have to work?
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    Personally, I would like another launch like the iPhone 4 where they opened at 7 or 8AM. I was in and out in 5 minutes and had a half hour or so to play with my new toy before work. The 5PM Friday iPad 2 launch didn't work out well for me cause I couldn't get there early enough from work to get a decent spot.

    Are you going tomorrow? I'm trying to pay someone to get me my iPad. I'll pay a portion up front and stand in line with them until I have to roll to work, then meet up later to get the iPad and fork over the remainder of the cash. I'll definitely make it worth it for them.
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    I'm heading over around 8. Hopefully the line won't be too long. PM me if you get this.
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    Of all the stores that opened early today I have yet to see one that actually had product in stock. What the hell is going on?

    I'm feeling very jerked around. And of course my iPad ordered at 4AM EST on launch day is still "prepared for shipment" in China, since Saturday. WTF.

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