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Shortcut to Launchpad

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by Gangztax, Feb 27, 2011.

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    I was meddling around with Lion and I noticed the fact that Launchpad is nowhere to be found inside the hard drive. It seems to be only present on the dock, it doesn't have a shortcut anywhere else.

    The reason I'm wondering this is because I would want to set my mouse button 4 or 5 to automatically start launchpad, but since it's not considered an application, and isn't located anywhere inside the computer, is there any way to find or make a shortcut to it so I can assign a button to it?
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    You can use 4 figures in trackpad to launch the LaunchPad, wish the mouse shortcut too
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    True, except I don't have a trackpad or a magic mouse, nor am I interested in paying 69$ for either.
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    You can set up a hot corner for Launchpad.
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    Go to System Preferences > Expose and spaces > Slide the slider to spaces and set your keyboard shortcut there, you have three options, I set mine as Command and arrow keys. With that, you press Command Up and it brings you to LaunchPad
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    Are you mistaking Launchpad for Mission Control? If I press ctrl+arrowUp (my preference for switching spaces is ctrl+arrows), it takes me to Mission Control, not Launchpad.
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    Oh whoops never mind, yeah I was. I also noticed today that my old expose button for show all windows (F12) has changed to mission control even though there are no options anymore in the expose system preferences to set those keys as that, my guess is that is where you will set hotkeys to open Launchpad or mission control or whatever you want it to be, but this build of lion hasn't added that feature yet.
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    As far as I can tell, Launchpad is part of the Dock, not a separate application, so you’re probably out of luck for now. I’m sure Apple will add additional ways to launch it eventually though.
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    It can be done

    go to system prefs, keyboard. Then click Launchpad and Dock. Then un-tick and re-tick the Launchpad option and it will give you opportunity to assign a keyboard shortcut. I've gone for Command Option L

    hope this helps someone
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    I have a Launchpad Launcher app in my /Applications much like Mission Control, Dashboard, etc.
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    It may be me, but Hot Corners have always been the easiest way to launch the Spaces, Expose and Dashboard on Snow Leopard and Mission Control, Launchpad and Dashboard in Lion.

    Quite a fan of Hot Corners.
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    Double click where the shortcut should be...

    I may be slow :confused: but I had a few minutes of frustration trying to set this until I randomly double clicked where the shortcut is actually defined on the right side (which is blank as default). Once I clicked in that area it was easy to setup.

    I also used CTRL-COMMAND-L

    Thanks for the help.
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    I had been missing with this for quite a while and your advice finally got it workng for me.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Bizarre. This worked initially; had F8 assigned to Launch Pad. But after restart, it stopped working, and now, no combination of keys will work :S
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    I'm having the same problem. My folders in Launchpad wouldn't let me rename them, Apple Support forums said to restart and it would fix the problem. I did that, and found out my keyboard shortcut for LP no longer works, even though it's still set in the Keyboards system preference pane.

    Unchecking, reassigning, and trying again has yielded no success thus far.
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    same here. the keyboard shortcut was working fine for the first thirty minutes or so until it suddenly stopped working. any ideas?
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    I have it set to a hot corner. Way more convenient for me.
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    I've tried a ton of things... nothing has worked yet. I've been watching the apple support forums as well as here, but I haven't found a solution yet. Which really sucks because I actually like launchpad a lot more than I thought I would. Oh, the irony! haha
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    Not sure what you are all on about. Launchpad is in the Applications folder and not just a part of the dock.

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    If you are using your trackpad, I found this by mistake. Put 5 fingers on your trackpad opened apart and close them together in the center. That launches launchpad. Enjoy!
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    I know it's been said already, but using a hot corner does the trick for me. But I'd much rather have button on the keyboard like I did when I first set it up. I didn't think I'd like Launch Pad or Fullscreen, but after using only an iPhone on holiday it feels just like having a homescreen on my Mac; nice. :)
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    Agreed... it takes like like 10 minutes to hit use a hot corner on my 30" monitor.

    To set your launchpad short key, open up system prefs and go to keyboard/keyboard shortcuts and set it to what ever you want.

    Additionally, I use bettertouchtool that I can set up on my magic mouse to enable any number of gestures to activate the keyboard shortcut.
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    Launchpad is in the Applications folder.

    Just drag it back into the dock. I set a shortcut key to Command+Esc to activate it as well.
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    Only worked for a short while and hasn't worked since (no matter how many times I restart or what I set the key I set it to). Must be a bug.
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    Yeah... I've almost been tempted into trying it, but I've never been a huge fan of hot corners for stuff like this. I use my hot corners for putting the display to sleep and starting screen saver.

    The keyboard shortcut was perfect for how I work, so it figures it'd be a bug. Oh well... it gives me something to look forward to in 10.7.1 I guess

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