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Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by mnkeybsness, Aug 28, 2001.

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    has anyone heard anything more about shortecks and the possibility of them for imacs??????
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    maybe,maybe not.. there is no true answer,for now
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    Anyone know if or when they're going to be released for sales to the public?

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    excuse my ignorance... but what are shortnecks?
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    Shortnecks are the thin CRT monitors that IBM developed over in Ireland (methinks) a couple of months ago. Apparently, they're between 1 and 2 cm thin and they're supposed to look better than the CRTs we have right now. Unfortunately, from what I remember, they cost more to manufacture, but should still cost around the same ballpark figure to buy one.

    I could be talking outta my arse though...
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    Thanks... I read about those a while ago. I just didn't know that they were being called "shortnecks" Cool idea but they I think they still use more power than LCD's and they still give off the same radiation. I thik I well stick to my LCD for a while
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    I've heard the term "shortneck" used to refer to any CRT with a shorter neck than usual. The IBM screens should be called "neckless", because they actually don't have one. And yeah, they'll still only fix one CRT problem: size. Radiation, power, and eye strain still remain. But at least they'll be cheaper. I think that Apple will probably just wait till it's profitable to use an LCD. Remember, they are trying to go for an all-LCD lineup. Besides, from what Jobs has said, I'd be willing to bet they've already got them developed (or close to it) and putting one of those in would be a major design change, further pushing back the release date.

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