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Should Control and Notification Center be Combined?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by AngerDanger, Jun 20, 2013.


Should Control and Notification center be combined?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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    I think the two Centers should be combined. It could be renamed Launchpad, kept as Notification Center, or whatever. Toggles could go in one tab and notifications in the other. Or toggles could be added and rearranged in the Center in the same way that app notifications are re-prioritized. It just seems odd to add yet another system menu while "simplifying" the entire OS.

    What the bloody hell do you think?
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    Wouldn't that be over complicating one of the two though? One is for controlling, and one is for notifications. Seems like a sound plan from what I've seen.
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    On my jailbroken iPhone, I have some tweaks in the notification center that does things Apple put into the command center, such as quick toggles and shortcut to apps. I don't find it confusing at all. In fact, I like it better this way. With two things to pull, I'm constantly pulling the wrong one.
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    Absolutely not. It's less cluttered and becomes mechanical. If I want to check my recent notifications, swipe down. Need to change a setting real quick, swipe up. No need to over complicate it, Apple implemented Control Center perfectly.
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    Don't think so. But control over which toggles you want in Control Center might be useful.
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    No. They serve different purpose! It can't get any simpler then it is.
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    Yes and No for me. I really dont care. Probably no. Cause if they put it in Notification Center. Fandroids will rant and say how we "copied" them.
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    Definitely not. I really like that they divided notifications and settings into two different parts, it's faster, unclutters the notification center and gives it room for the today view (though I find that to be not perfectly executed).
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    Coming from Android, I can say that if you put everything into the drop-down "notification" pane, it becomes extremely cluttered and you end up scrolling down for notifications. Separating it by a window/swipe would only add another step; thus, swiping up is simpler.

    However, I think that perhaps the two places should be switched: swipe up for notifications, and down for control center. Yes, it seems weird since we are used to it a certain way (a relic from the iOS6/Android) but we get notifications more often than we need to toggle things, and swiping up from the bottom is easier/quicker than from the top.

    Either way is fine though. Not a big deal. Although I really wish they would implement Zephyr into iOS. I hate using the mechanical home button, and Zephyr makes everything much easier.
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    The easiest way to do it would be to swipe down to get the notification center, and swipe left to get control toggles. No clutter as it would have its own screen. Same thing for adding the tap to widgets etc. Have them in the notification center, and designate a screen where the person will swipe left or right till they get to that screen.
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    I think it would be nice. Once you bring down the notifications just tap on control center and there is all your stuff with having to swipe up from the bottom.
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    A little side topic, but does anyone else keep inadvertently invoking the control center while trying to scroll up?
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    I have done that in apps. The other day I was playing running with friends, and when I swiped up to jump. It paused the game and the control center came up.
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    I think the iOS7 way is a better way. The old way pushes the notifications to the bottom, making it necessary to perform extra gestures to bring them into view.


    Not me. These are quite distinctly different actions.
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    Yeah. I was also testing an educational app, and there were certain items on the bottom of the screen that were almost impossible to touch without pulling up Control Center. Obviously, this could be fixed by the developers, but having multiple centers just makes educational apps for small children that much harder to use.

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