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Should I buy a Nano?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by marty1990, Mar 26, 2012.

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    I currently have an iPod Touch 2nd Gen. I don't use it, mainly because I also have an Android phone, and carrying the two around with me would be a pain. I'm hopefully gonna sell the Touch, and am considering buying a Nano.

    Is it worth it, considering I have an Android phone that can play music? I have no need for the Touch since I have apps on my phone, but all of my music is on my Mac on iTunes, and just being able to easily sync my music to another Apple device, and due to the fact with a Nano I could get the watch strap, it would take up a lot less pocket space.

    So what do you reckon? Is it worth me buying a new Nano and having my music on there, or should I just stick my music on my phone? I realise this is an Apple orientated forum, so am expecting people to say to get the Nano, purely because it's an Apple device, but taking into consideration my situation with the Android phone, what do you think?
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    Depends on how much music you have.
    If you got not that much of music you could buy an iPod shuffle they are not to expensive or an older iPod Nano.:)
    I got an iPod 6th gen with a wristband but they are kind of expensive for what you get and they are not very handy in use by my opinion.
    And if you do want the newest iPod nano, you better wait another month because new ones are going t be released, so the current ones will lower in price :)
  3. marty1990, Mar 26, 2012
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    Oh really? Would the new one be a better purchase then, as opposed to the current model?

    I've heard it's got a camera and games and stuff... but I wouldn't really need all that cuz of my phone. Any other benefits to the new model that's due to come out?
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    it's not specified yet. But if you want only to wear it as a watch :rolleyes: you better buy an the current iPod in a month or two :)
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    I hadn't heard any credible rumor that the iPods are being updated in the next month. They've typically updated (or spec-bumped) iPods at the September event.

    The current nano is over 1.5 years old. I can't see what else they would do with the nano if it's to remain in the current form factor. Maybe add Bluetooth or a built-in Nike+ receiver. That's about all they could do.

    At the current prices, it's not that big of a deal to buy one now. $130 for a new 8GB. Maybe you could find an old 1st gen nano and apply for the recall and get a new 8GB nano6G.


    As for your other questions ...

    1. Using the nano as a watch isn't quite the best. Looks good on paper, but in practice, I think it's hit/miss. The nano's not waterproof, so watch out when it's raining or when you're washing your hands. The glass isn't like a watch crystal ... it will scratch, so you need a screen protector.

    2. I think the nano is a great music player. I don't have a smartphone, but I think it's worth it to have a dedicated music player if you're really into music. Plus, if you like to workout, it's much easier to have a nano than an iPod touch or smartphone. I see people struggle with iPhones and Androids at the gym all the time. And those armbands look cumbersome to me.

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    rumor is that they will include a camera... (sounds pretty lame to me..:))
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    Wirelessly posted

    If you think you would have a use for it, then get it. If you think it'll spend more time at home in your drawer, then save your money. Load up up your phone with the tunes and you're set.
    I use mine when I exercise or bowl (yes bowl) because it's light and convenient, but most of the time it stays home. I am waiting for my Lunatik to arrive, then maybe I'll use it more, but then again, maybe not. I wouldn't have spent my money on one, buy I got it due to the recall of the first gen. I wonder if Apple just wanted to get rid of their stock of Nano's?
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    Buy a Sansa Clip Zip, much better choice than the Nano.
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    There's no indication that the nano with the camera is a recent prototype. Personally, I think the nano/cam was something they were working on, but ultimately nixed for the current incarnation.

    To me, there's almost no use for the camera in that particular configuration. The nano is meant to be worn on the hip, on your shirt, on a wrist ... so having a rear facing cam is almost useless.

    To me, the only camera that would be useful would be a front facing camera for Facetime. But the processing power, battery life, and wifi isn't quite there yet to fit in such a small device. Not to mention a screen that can allow a camera to shoot through.

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    A rear facing camera makes much more sense. You go for a jog with your nano and see something interesting and take a quick pic etc.

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