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Should I buy a...PowerBook G4...?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by marchcapital, Mar 11, 2006.

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    Im going to be buying a another Mac pretty soon. The iBook G4 that i purchased went back because it was defective. Needless to say i didnt just have it replaced. I'd like to buy a 12" PowerBook because it seams to have a much more sturdy build then the iBook and obviously more options and power. Will there be a 12" MacBook Pro introduced anytime soon or and intel based PowerBook? What should I do?
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    macbook pro = intel powerbook

    we don't know if/when apple will release a 12" MBP. If you can wait until April 1, then wait. If you can't, you might have to wait for WWDC in august:eek: Or maybe a seperate media event:confused: we don't know here, and all we have is speculation.

    IMO, you should wait until april 1. hopefully 12" or 13.3" MBPs, almost definitely new ibooks, and a high end one might be close to a low end MBP.
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    ya thats probably a good idea to wait until april...i hope they come out with a 12" mbp instead of a 13" i like the small size.
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    Wait. If it doesn't come out, snap up a refurb. But remember that the current iBooks have better graphical performance than the PB 12".
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    The 13" would be pretty much the same size as the current 12" as it would be widescreen instead of the current 'fullscreen' form factor. It would just be a little over an inch wider with about the same depth.

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