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should I buy a used ibook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by thejadedmonkey, Nov 19, 2005.

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    I have the oppertunity to buy a used G3 ibook running at 600mhz (16mg vram) for $300. I'm thinking it's a good deal now, but than later on once the intel ibooks come out, I might even be able to get a 1ghz for about that price range.

    What are your thoughts? Should I get a 600mhz ibook for $300 or hold off for something better once the intel ibboks are released whenever that happens? Is it worth the wait?

    P.S. It has dual USB, airport, a CD-ROM, 640mb RAM, 12" screen, 20gig HDD, and OS 10.3 w/ iLife 04 (which I don't really need)
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    I highly doubt you will find a 1ghz iBook for "about that price range", however that sounds like a good price for that G3. If you need it, go for it. What exactly are you going to be using the computer for? If your just an average user this will do you fine. I use an iBook G3 800 mhz and I LOVE it. I have every intention of running this puppy until it dies...after which I will buy the current G4 model (hopefully everyone will be lapping up the intels so I should get it for very cheap).
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    I agree with jadekitty, you won't find a 1ghz iBook for $300, at least not for a couple more years. Apples have always had excellent resale value and I don't think Intel will change that.

    Something to keep in mind with an older iBook, the battery. Unless the seller says otherwise, it's best to assume it's dead or nearing death. Count on another $100+ if you plan to operate the thing away from a power outlet.
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    IMO, the intel switch will affect the resale value of our PPC Macs since the Intel processors will probably be cheaper ( I read in a thread in rumor section that Thinksecret thinks that macs will cost approx. 200$ less; thus affecting the resale of our PPC macs but not as far as 1GHz iBooks for 300$, maybye more like 500-600$? (thats just a ruff estimate based on pretty much nothing)
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    I would much prefer to recommend that you buy a 1.33GHz/512 MB scrolling trackpad model Refurb direct from Apple if you can swing the difference. They are very well worth $799
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    I'll believe that when I see it. Besides, iMac G4s still go for quite a bit on ebay these days, mostly the 17" and 20", despite the G5. Some people pay more for a used iMac G4 than a refurb G5.
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    Excellant point about the battery...I didn't factor that in when I bought my used iBook...the battery is ok, but could be better. That's an extra $100 for sure.
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    I bought an 800mhz ibook used about five months ago. It's running panther and does most of what I need it to. I have had to get the logic board replaced twice already which doesn't make me happy, but I knew about the issue going in and its still covered under extended warranty.

    For $300 if you need something for basic internet and word processing, it'll probably do ya just fine. I do some light photoshop work on mine as well. Not ideal, but it works until I get around to replacing it. I paid $550 for mine, so at $300 it sounds like a hell of deal to me.

    Oh, and my battery isn't dead at all. I get probably a couple of hours out of it before it needs a new charge. Not great, but enough to take it out to a coffee shop for a while and then plug it in again at home.

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