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Should I buy a Used Powerbook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by chhhrrriiisss, Jun 28, 2009.

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    So I'm thinking that I want to buy an ibook. I've seen them on ebay for a couple hundred dollars. Some of them have pretty good battery lifes and I'm assuming that I can still buy the battery somewhere online if it dies.

    I already have an iMac but I'm looking to get a cheap notebook for when I go out to a cafe or start college in the fall. Mainly only using it for web browsing and taking notes.

    Whats your opinion? I really want to stick with a mac and not get a cheap pc notebook. If you think the iBook is alright what specs should I be looking for?
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    For just a little more you could get an old PowerBook G4, maybe a 12". Just keep in mind that you won't be able to upgrade the machine to Snow Leopard because it won't have an Intel processor.
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    If the price is right, I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger.
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    If you can find a 12" iBook/Powerbook with at least a 1.33ghz processor and 1gb+ memory for under $300, that's a great price for the specs and would be great for the use what you just mentioned.

    The 12" is the best IMO as it's extremely portable(actually is the size of a piece of paper, but just thicker ;)). You can get incredible battery life out of them and the batteries are cheap enough to pick up a few extras if you need them.
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    Mine's ideal for that purpose. Also, there's a couple of good online websites for maximizing an older mac for use with tiger or leopard. They mostly involve turning off eye candy and unneeded processes for maximum performance.

    Mine is a pretty danged decent netbook.
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    Alright so I found one on eBay but the wifi card is broken inside of it. They said that it is under the keyboard.

    Is it not worth it to bother with this?
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    It shouldn't be a hassle to replace if you can find the part but it raises questions like if anything else is defective or broken. How much is the seller asking?
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    look on macofalltrades.com they have a few older ones at great prices
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    Slow and overpriced. You could get a Core Duo MacBook for that money.
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