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Should I buy now or wait

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Ironduke, Feb 4, 2007.

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    I really want to get into xcode programming, The only interface I have known in Visual Studio on Windows which appears quite different.

    I have heard alot about xcode 3.0 coming with leopard.

    but will it be that to 2.4?

    my question is should I buy a book now based on xcode 2 or wait for a book release on xcode 3?

    any suggestions would be great
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    That is the 64 dollar question.

    Suggest that you buy what you need today.
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    If Apple's previous behaviour is any indicator of the future then nothing from XCode 3.0, the updated version of Interface Builder or Objective C 2.0 will be backported to any previous OS.

    But this does not mean that stuff you learn now will not be useful in the future. If you buy a book now and learn the basics you should be able to pick up the new stuff using the online documentation without buying another book.
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    thanx for the help guys, one last favour could you tell me a good xcode book or give the website of a place that reviews them
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