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Should I buy the 2012 MacBook Air 11" or wait for 2013?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by AdrainSingapore, Oct 28, 2012.

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    I am new to Macs here. Just to confirm is it that a new MacBook Air comes out every mid-year?

    To my question. I do not have enough money now and I am buying the MacBook Air 11" with 8GB RAM, 128GB Memory and Core i7 processor in January as I currently do not have enough money. I use it for gaming(LoL and Blackshot, it's ok if you do not no the games), watching YouTube videos and some web browsing. Do you think these specs will still be better then the 2013 "stock" MacBook Air 11"?

    And do you think this configurations suit these usages? -Web Browsing, YouTube, Games that do not have that intensive graphics.

    And what configuration do you think it is ideal for those usages without gaming?
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    The bottom line on these type of questions is this - can you wait until 2013 or do you have a need now for a new computer. If you can wait, then its better for you to do so, if you cannot then buy one now and enjoy.
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    If I were you, I'd save myself some cash and buy a 2011 refurb. Unless you really want 8gb of ram, but for the uses you state, you could easily get by on 4.
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    All those people saying 'get a 2011 refurb', 'save your money, in 8 months a new one will be better', etc... make no sense.

    I NEVER thought I could play games on my Air. I had a maxed out 2011 Air. Sold it, got a maxed out 2012 Air and here I am... playing The Witcher, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Half-Life 2... all of them at pretty good settings getting 30+ FPS and even 60 FPS sometimes.

    Sure, the 2013 will be better.

    And the 2014 will be better than the 2013....

    8 months is a long time.

    Get it now. And if money is no object, get at least i7 8GB and 256 SSD. I did, and I LOVE It. No regrets AT ALL.
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    Did you even read what the OP said? Money is an issue, and he asked if there was a suitable configuration not taking gaming into consideration.
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    If you're going to be waiting until January, you may as well wait for the 2013 models to come out and if they don't have any great features you want = pick up a 2012 model at reduced prices = win/win!
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    January to June/July = 5/6 months waiting.

    Buy now if needed or wait. Always something better coming every year
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    If you game, Haswell GPU will be about the same as the 6750m in last year's MBP 15".

    I've got a 2011, pretty sure I will upgrade to the Haswell MBA for the GPU and alleged battery life improvements. I'd love a 7-8 battery 11" MBA.

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    My stock 13" 2012 heats up while playing Minecraft...
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    Maxed out, I bet.

    Minecraft is much, much more demanding that you may think. Do some research.

    My maxed out 2012 Air heats up while playing Starcraft II on med-high settings as well.

    Still enjoy the crap out of it. And I still think this is the best laptop I can buy for this money.

    I HATE plastic and crappy trackpads.
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    A Hebrew

    Wait for 2014 when Hasverywell comes out.
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    Actually that was quite funny :)

    But if you game I would consider a console. I've a ps3 and Xbox just for gaming and my laptops for everything else.

    Never had good experiences by playing on a Mac - tried the Mac Pro once, and that was but not their laptops
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    I just wanna ask, will there be any major upgrades except for processor, maximum SSD capacity and graphics? I dont mind buying the maxed out 11" MacBook Air, but will it still beat out the 2013 "stock" 11" MacBook Air?
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    No one really no until benchmark tests.

    Listen; buy one now if you can't wait till july next year. Or wait if you can wait till next year. The new ones will always be better than the old. That's life man :rolleyes:
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    How is everyone so sure that Apple will not discontinue the MBA line altogether? Also if or when the newer MBA's come next year does anyone here think it would come with a retina display?
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    Why would they do that? Just to have one line of rMBPs? Wouldn't make sense.

    Retina 'cause of battery issues
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    The main question is - can you wait?
    I expect Intel's haswell at the very least in apple's 2013 macbook air

    Above are the improvements over the current ivy bridge in the 1012 macbook airs.
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    1 line of MacBooks doesn't seem right. Apple makes more than one kind of notebook to suit different users and lifestyles.
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    The air is the best bang for the buck regarding macs
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    get a refurbished or wait

    I would get a refurbished 11" MBA

    right now Apple has a

    Refurbished MacBook Air 2.0GHz dual-core Intel Core i7
    8GB memory
    256GB flash storage
    720p FaceTime HD camera
    Intel HD Graphics 4000
    $1400 (limited stock)

    But I think Haswell will really give more power and efficiency even more than Ivy Bridge. If you don't need the extra horsepower than just get this refurbished.

    I think the real question people want to know is the RMBA. Apple skipped RMBA this year but I think next year they won't. I think it will follow the pattern of RMBP and Apple will have regular MBA and RMBA but at a premium price. I think Apple feels confident in the Intel 4000 to run a Retina display so don't expect Apple to put discrete graphics in their 2013 MBA
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    rMBA isn't happening anytime soon. Maybe another good 2-3 years. Retina is still new technology.
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    Get a grip mate, "retina" is a term used by apple.
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    I'm referring to the resolution btw. Some webpages and programs look horrible on the retina display, however things that are optimised look brilliant. Its gonna be a few more years till we see more hi-res notebooks.
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    The resolution is nothing new also, but for it to become standart its a few year like you say; i think it have a lot to do with what you say regarding programs/software :) maybe websites but i dont think thats too important.
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    Exactly. If ever..

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