Should I do anything after a forced restart?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by dferigmu, Mar 13, 2005.

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    I had to force my new PB to restart for the first time after the beach ball wouldn't stop spinning (it was my fault - I was doing too many things at once).

    Is there anything I should do now? I know it's bad to force a restart, but what if I have to? Should I do anything after?
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    About the only thing to do is pop into single user mode and run fsck, as the machine is restarting.
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    Hello there!

    If you Have a Journalled system you don't have to, but if you don't and you're worried you can always verify your disk by booting from a cd and runnning Disk Utility...

    (You oboot from a disc by booting your mac with the cd in the bay and pressing and holding C. Then later somewhere in the menu you can do a 'verify disc')

    Good luck
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    How do I verify permissions?
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    Disk Utility/First Aid/Repair Permission.

    Run this from the HD only.

    Since Disk Utility/First Aid/Repair Disk won't run from the boot drive -- fsck is the easiest alternative. Unless you want to bother hunting up the CD/DVD.
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    Ok, I repaired the HD in OS X and from the start-up DVD and everything seems to be fine. I am being a little paranoid, but now I know what to do.

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    If the file system is not journaled, Mac OS X will do an fsck after a system crash. And if it is journaled, it will read/replay the journal and sometimes it will still do an fsck if it detects issues.

    In truth, in most cases, you need to do nothing after a restarting from a crash.
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    I don't do anything special. If it were that unstable that I'd have to complete a ritual after the occasional forced reboot I'd be pretty... annoyed.
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    What's an fsck?
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    I don't ever do anything different either. Even when I was installing all of my upgrades on my B&W over the past couple of months, I had to force restart countless times while tinkering with overclocking the processor. I have never had any problems after a forced restart on any machine running OS X. Now, OS 9 is a different story.


    P.S. WOO HOO!!! POST #500!!!
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    The other day my iPod shuffle was finished updating and I clicked the eject button a little too fast as the spinning beachball was not finished spinning yet. So the Beachball never stopped even on a force quit of the Application, so I unplugged the G5 PowerMac. I rebooted and it has not happened again everything is OK. In short, Just keep working.


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