Should I exchange my Air?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ghsNick, Jul 23, 2011.

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    I got the Samsung SDD but got LG Display.

    I notice blending in the panel tests, I compared it to my it's definitely a different display and hearing others say that their Samsung is better makes me want it.

    But, I did install Office 11" on my if I exchanged it would I be able to still use Office on my new Air? I have everything backed up to Time Machine on my External Hard Drive...but I only had one working code will it work on the replacement or not?

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    I've come to the conclusion that you are never happy with anything you ever buy lol. MBA, iMac, MBP, it doesn't matter.
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    And what happens if the next model had a slower SSD?

    Seriously download some monitor calibration software or borrow a hardware calibrator and it may go some way to alleviating the banding, all monitors should be post calibrated as the factory Color profiles are usually wrong or off.
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    It appears that blending is to do with Safari, rather than screen itself.

    The Chrome and Firefox show all bands.

    Refer this thread.

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    I think the difference between the two is 300 vs 350 on geek bench, isn't it? Unless you're using the machine to encode videos all day, wouldn't you have to be Mr. Freakin' Data to tell the difference?

    And having to run third party calibration software to get the most out of our displays for general consumer usage? Not really ideal. Apple should take some of its coffee and donut money for a month and outright buy supercal. Even that kind of goes against the 'it just works' image, doesn't it?
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    I was noticing the lack of contrast in Word and Pages, too.

    It would be interesting if most of this was a problem between safari and colorsync.

    And embarrassing. I'd feel like I'd qualify for the Jackass of the Century award.:eek:
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    Mate, you stand no chance to qualify for the award.. I am firmly entrenched at the spot no.1...


    To be honest, I don't know. I guess I am much less susceptible to finding problems in things I purchase. I have never noticed any problems with colour in any of the machines I have.
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    Don't count me out just yet, pallie!

    USA! USA! USA!

    Seriously, my perception changes when buying something at full price versus discounted electronics. I'll own up to that. Had I bought my LG'd Air used or refurbed, I'd probably have been just fine with it.
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    So the stores are getting lot's of exchanges due to screen and SSD type.

    I wonder what the stats are on this, and is this forum a major contributing factor?

    I can see the logic to all of this. The company needs very large amounts of components, so they have to spread out suppliers. Because of this, there are going to be variations.

    The problem is:

    The only way to get what you want is to utterly humiliate yourself at some store.

    Or, keep buying online and returning until you get the right part number.

    There's an age factor involved with this also. Anyone over a certain age is not going to engage in this sort of behavior, as they most likely have developed some sort of self esteem and maturity. I would say anyone over 25 should not consider these options. But then again times change.

    Who knows what kind of madness we are in store for next :D
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    In all seriousness, what are you going to say to the guys at the Apple store when you go to return it? That the screen on the Samsung one looks better? Are you going to make them open all the boxes until they find a Samsung screen? It is just not practical.

    All this talk of Toshiba vs LG vs Samsung is just scaremongering. I'd suggest calibrate, and be happy with your new purchase.
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    If you save the dreaded image to your documents and view it natively on your MBA you'll find that the LG is perfectly capable of display all colors. Any difference in contrast between the two panels can be calibrated away, IMO. I doubt the viewing angle difference is enough to justify a return (if there is a viewing angle difference).

    Nice catch on the Safari issue as I couldn't figure out why the image looked different in two scenarios.
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    Exactly. People doing advanced photo editing aren't doing it on the 11" or 13"' screen of a notebook. Apple sourced mainstream screens for a mainstream product, and both the LG and Samsung screens fill the bill. Similarly, both the Toshiba and Samsung SSDs are solid performing devices (not the quickest nor the slowest SSDs in their class) intended for mainstream notebooks.

    Acceptable calibration can be done fairly easily with free software, or automatically with a $100 adapter that can also be used on LCD TVs and monitors.
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    The MBP was my fault. But yellowing on the bottom of a screen that I spent $1300 on? I deserve a good screen. (But it goes to show you want to follow and read through my complaints since you have nothing better to do.)

    And two weeks later let me spend $1400 on an Air and not get the same components that are in "better" Airs...sure $1400 isn't anything...why should I care what I'm going to be using/looking at for three years. :roll eyes:

    Stop trolling my post.

    Yeah let me tack on another $100 for something that cost $1400 that wasn't done properly :rolleyes:...because when you spend that much money on something it shouldn't need a $100 calibrator.

    I've spent about $2700 on Apple products in July...If I'm paying top dollar...I expect a top dollar product with no flaws out of the box.
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    I have the Air, and I am very picky. However I love my Air's screen. It's awesome!

    I am a tad bit disappointed about the screen for just two reasons, and that's it. Only two. I got the LG screen as well. But my view on this is far different from yours: You should adopt my take; it'll make you feel better about your purchase:

    Reason #1:
    - The very bottom of the screen (bottom 1/3 of a cm) is ever-so-slightly darker than the rest of the screen. It's the opposite of backlight bleeding... it's like backlight darkening. But it's so very slight that I only notice it if I take the screen and look closely at it for a few seconds, put the screen to a higher brightness, and put white over the entire screen. It's very hard to see. It doesn't affect my viewing experience since I never notice it when I'm actually doing anything. And it's sooooooo slight that it could only bother someone like me: Very picky. But it doesn't matter!

    Reason #2:
    - The Top and bottom of the screen aren't entirely even in terms of lighting at any viewing angle. They are slightly different. But again, it's almost impossible to see, just as like in reason #1.


    The Macbook Air's screen is the best screen I've ever owned. The *only* better screen I've ever seen on a laptop is on the Macbook Pro. So that says a lot: It's an awesome screen!

    The Macbook Air's screen is better than 99% of television screens or even desktop screens as well (aside from expensive IPS panels, and even then it rivals and beats some).

    Be happy with the screen! And be happy you got the Samsung SSD. That's the combo I got too and I love the thing.

    My disappointment is in the battery: I'll be buying an external battery supplement.
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    You've started 95 threads so far lol. It's knd of hard to avoid.
  16. 2IS
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    Weather you get LG or Samsung panel, it's not going to be the same quality as your iMac screen. If that's what you're expecting, you'll be disappointed.
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    Curse you MR for introducing all sorts of things for me to worry about when my shiney new 11" ultimate arrives!
  18. ghsNick, Jul 24, 2011
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    Stalk me more why don't you.
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    Whatever display is better is going to be subjective so basing your choice on other people's opinions would not seem like the smartest thing to do. I'm also sure no two screens made by Samsung are exactly the same and what will you do if you do get another LG screen or you get a Samsung screen and find it worse than the LG you previously had? And what will you do if you get a Samsung screen and Toshiba SSD?

    If you aren't happy with your purchase bring it back but if your complaint is the screen is made by LG and not Samsung then I can't really see anybody replacing it for you.
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    I swear, I should stay off of MacRumors after a new product comes out and I order one. I ordered the 11" ultimate and it hasn't shipped yet. After reading these forums I'm already telling my wife I'm worried about the temperatures of the i7. I haven't even touched the machine yet! LOL (at self).


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