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Should I get an iPod now?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by theknightshift, Dec 28, 2007.

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    I've got a Best Buy gift card and some Christmas money that's trying to burn a hole in my pocket.

    So... should I get an iPod now? Or should I wait?

    My wife and I went into an Apple store last weekend and I'd never seen the video capabilities of an iPod up close and personal before. Now I'm dying to have one (I work in video production and I'm thinking this would be a nice way of transporting my portfolio, along with other stuff).

    But with MacWorld a few weeks away, should I hold off on getting one now and see if anything better gets rolled out then... or go ahead and plunk down the gift card and get it this weekend?
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    I'd wait the 2 1/2 weeks if only to settle your own mind, at least then when you buy, you wont feel like you need to kick yourself if something newer comes out.
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    They just released new iPods a couple months ago with the new Nano, the Touch, and updated the "Classic." Do you really think they will release more iPods?

    I think it would be safe to buy an iPod now. Besides, with the current models, what more could we want. I have a 5G iPod and an iPod Touch. Love both of them. Looking to buy a shuffle for the vehicle.

    On the other hand, when I bought the 5G iPod a year or so ago, I wasn't nearly as "tuned in" to all the rumors and latest news. I paid nearly $400 for the 60 GB version. Then a few weeks later they came out with the 5.5 Gen version for $250 @ 80 GB. That sucked, but i have enjoyed my 5G a lot and it does everything I wanted.

    I think it would be safe to buy now. If I were in the market, I would probably buy with confidence since the new ones were just put out.
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    Father Jack

    I would wait a few weeks .... just in case .. ;)
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    Might as well. The latest iPod releases were too soon ago to release anything new.
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    It's NEVER a bad time to buy an iPod, just as long as you realize that whatever you buy will be out of date sooner rather than later. But think of all the wonderful use you'll get out of it in the meantime . . . .
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    Agreed. You can't just wait and wait and wait and wait and wait.....

    And in the meantime, see here:

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    My bet is that iPods will not be updated during MWSF.

    The exception might be more memory in the iPod Touch and iPhone.

    So if you are looking at the Classic or Shuffle, then I would say go for it if you need it now. Otherwise wait until after MWSF and see what happens.
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    I hope the iPhone gets a boost. I'd be very happy with a 16 GB iPhone... just in time for me to be able to get one too.

    I'm looking to get an 8 GB nano in the next few days to replace my 30 GB 5G iPod. Size and flash over capacity, baby....
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    The current Nano is very nice.

    If my 2G Nano decides to quit working I will definitely get a new one.
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    The iPod Touch is all i want but with the 3G iPhone there might be a new iPod Touch but that probalay in the spring so it is a good time to get an iPod but not the Touch
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    It IS very nice. I picked one up today :D I chose the charcoal black one. I got it at Bestbuy instead of at an Apple Store, since the Bestbuy price is $193 and the Apple Store price is $219. Oh, and I'm talking Canadian pricing.

    The Apple Store and Bestbuy are both at the Eaton Centre, so it was a quick walk dodging the crowds to the other end of the mall to save $26 (plus 14% tax). It's like I got a free case out of it. Now I just need to figure out which nano case to get....

    Happy New Year everyone....
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    It's pretty safe to say that there won't be an iPod update for a long time given the upgrade of all the lineup in September. Usually it's half a year at least before updates. That being said, stranger things have happened, so I'd wait the two weeks in the off chance that something unexpected happens with them. If MacWorld comes and goes, then by all means run out and buy an iPod!
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    Well, I got the iPod :)

    I decided to go for the 80 gb iPod classic and after a lot of looking, I found one today.

    I started charging it up almost right at midnight (so I rang in the new year 2008 with an iPod... is that geeky or what?). It's still charging up but so far I've been able to put my first movie on it (a few years ago I made a parody of Misery, but this one had George Lucas being held hostage by a crazy Star Wars fan) and it looks awesome!! I've got both 'puters fired up right now either converting my own material or else ripping DVDs to put whole movies on this.

    I haven't tried any music yet, but I'll do that later today.

    Think I'm gonna love this lil' gimmick :)

    (p.s.: thanks for all the good advice!)
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    I wanted an iPod. I need approx. 30GB without new itunes store music etc. I like black. So I bought an iPod 80GB. I'm not interested in newer ones. This one is enough for me and looks good.

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