Should I get Apple TV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by OceanFrog, Jul 20, 2012.

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    I've been wanting to get Apple TV for ages now, but not sure if it'd be suitable for me.

    This is my situation...
    • I have satellite broadband at home with a very low usage cap of 10gb/month
    • I torrent a lot of material in work, and watch either on my laptop or my WD hard drive player on the TV
    • I have an iPhone, a few iPod's and a 2008 MBP (and, I'm just about to get a 2012 MBA)

    I'd love to get Apple TV, but can't see what use it'd be to me. Am I missing something??? What extra can it be used for? Will by crappy satellite broadband (and 10gb/month download cap) make Apple TV next to useless to me?

    All advice appreciated.
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    that statement there should answer the question about whether you should get one or not.
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    I don't see a point for you to get one. For it to be useful to you, you'd have to jailbreak it to play back your torrented movies (unless you want to spend hours converting it to iTunes). After that, you'd have to stream them from a PC since you can't directly plug an external HD into the ATV. The streaming goodness of a jailbroken AppleTV would also be useless to you with that 10 GB cap, so for the time being, stick with what you have. If another ISP enters the area giving you unlimited bandwidth, I'd definitely recommend the ATV.
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    Don't pirate movies.
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    Who said I pirated movies?
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    you did

    unless of course you accessing legal content to watch via torrents.
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    No I didn't. Lots of legal stuff can be torrented example. Maybe you should educate yourself before you start preaching about things you clearly know nothing about.

    Anyway, thanks for the replies guys. Any other opinions on Apple TV appreciated.
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    educate me then
    what content are you sourcing via torrents to watch on your laptop?
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    Do you really think all material downloaded from a torrent site is pirated?

    Google "public domain torrent" and see what happens. I'm a big fan of the old horrors myself :D

    You could also have a look here for lots of excellent (free and legal) stuff.
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    OK i believe you :rolleyes:

    the original response remains valid. if you don't know why you would need or want an appletv then you clearly don't need or want one.
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    I'll sleep easier tonight knowing that.
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    10gb isn't going to get you far streaming movies from the iTunes store at ~1.6 gb for low deff and 3 to 4 gb for high def. and if you warch torrents are you going to pay for itunes content and Netflix etc.

    You can obviously use it to watch video you have on your computer that's in iTunes compatible format. Which isn't that hard to convert too in batches.

    Given they are so cheap there isnt much to loose though.
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    If you have to ask strangers, no you should not get one.

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