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Should I get iPod Touch 32GB now or wait?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by rekhyt, Oct 15, 2009.

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    My iPod Nano recently stopped working and I think that I need a new iPod now (Before it had only 10MB left). I already have an iPod Touch (1st gen, 8GB) and that's also running out of space.

    I want the new iPod Touch to replace my iPod Nano and also my DS so that it can also function as a portable mini gaming system. Should i wait 6 more months and hope that the camera comes out or should I get it now? I don't really need the camera feature and the new iPod Touch only came out ~1 month ago. Should I get it?

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    If I were you I'd just get it now. We won't see any update till september, and if you wait 6 months, you are missing out on it.

    Get it now and enjoy.
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    Oh ok thanks for your advice. :D
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    Yes, get it now, why would you wait for the camera if you don't even want/need it? There will be probably no updates on speed. (cause we had that one just).

    (personally I even doubt whether there even will be an ipod touch with camera)
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    Get it now. If the software updates you can get that without buying a new touch. And there will be no update for a while yet:D
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    Yeah. Well I think from what they said (MacRumors/other sites) that they had problems manufacturing the camera or something or maybe a camera shortage (Perhaps that's why only iPod Nano has it, and that's the 1st piority maybe).
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    I'm surprised that no one has thought of offering a camera that docks with the iPod touch through the iPod dock connector and includes an app that works inside the iPod touch to store and process the pictures taken. It's not the best solution but without the case limitations of the iPod touch case the dockable camera would offer potentially excellen picture quality and might even include a flash, too! :)
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    That actually would be a really good idea. I remember seeing my friend's speaker for his iPod Touch-It was connected/docked to the iPod Touch. And it was small. Amazing stuff. :) Could be a camera too.

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