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Should I got a PowerBook now? ...or wait?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by prefect, Oct 6, 2002.

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    I am thinking about getting a powerbook but I have been reading (on this site as well as others) that Apple may not be too far off from releasing a new one.

    I certainly don't want to get one and then in two weeks have a new one come out. :mad:

    (I mean obviously a new one will come out sometime but I guess I don't want to get it at the end of the current model's life cycle.)

    Does anyone have any idea what the likelihood is that this new release will correct the many problems (paint, heat, battery life, etc) that have plagued powerbook users AND have the new ATI Radeon 9000 graphics chip??

    Anyway your opinions are appreciated.

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    Re: Should I got a PowerBook now? ...or wait?

    just my guess, but i don't think powerbook will see anything really major except for speedbumps and maybe new video card

    but if you are thinking G5 processor anytime soon, i don't think so...but one day sometime in 2003, there will be G5s across the entire professional line, but late next year, imho

    hope this helps

    anyway, powerbook is way ahead of ibook
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    Re: Should I got a PowerBook now? ...or wait?

    I always think it is worthwhile waiting until the next release to buy (assuming the last release did not just happen). Machines will always get faster and there is nothing you can do about that so you might as well wait and get the next best thing on the market.

    As per those rumors, the PowerBook is due next week so you might as well wait at least until then.

    Also, after a release, you have 2 options. You can buy the newest thing on the market or, if you thought the previous release was fine, you can by the previous model item for a nicely reduced price.
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    I just bought one a month ago. I would seriously consider waiting for another two or three weeks. If nothing, then get the current model. I don't know what to think about future models, but I love mine.
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    I know I am going to by a low end PowerBook as soon as the new ones come out. I don't really care if they do not come out next week, as long as new ones come out. I would imagine, though, that since they are 6 months old there will be a new one soonish.
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    I too am considering a Powerbook to replace my aging iBook SE (466). What I really want is built in bluetooth. Any thoughts on if/when this is coming to the Mac range?
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    speedbumps and small things? or new case, bluetooth, and dual processors?

    like i said, most likely not a G5 anytime soon but a G4 with better battery life and less heat, and at 1 ghz would be almost as cool
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    Your odds of getting a PBook that corrects the heat problems seems slim because faster processors and faster graphics will make more heat (until such time as these are fabbed on smaller processes, which is almost certainly not happening in the next PBook update).
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    just bought....

    I bought an 800mhz powerbook about a month ago and with all the rumors about whats coming up next, I felt that I should have wait. However, when I stopped to think about it, I could add bluetooth via that little USB module on apple's site. And get a firewire DVD burner if the new superdrive comes out (that is of course if i really NEED any of that and/or have enough money). What ever it is that you decide, whether to get one now or wait, just remember to love it. And don't listen to rumors like I did, it'll only depress you.
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    i know that ;)

    i was just hoping for a G4 built on those smaller micron processes, that's all:p

    smaller chip, more transistors, less heat, more speed, and an aid in helping the tibook form factor get to around .80" inch like some wintels are at this time in full sized screen laptops

    some wintels, ultra-portables, have reached a thinness below .70" inch!
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    Bottom line: Wait until the new PB's come out.

    I too am interested in getting one of these. I'd be satisfied with one of the current 667's, but I'm waiting for the upgrades and, with them, lower prices.
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    if we can't get a much more improved tibook this october or whenever, at least the current ti 667s and 800s will be cheaper and that is something good, no matter what

    just think, the powerbooks started at 400 and 500 mhz and even compared to most wintel laptops today, the early powerbooks are still a more desirable computer on the go

    so would i get a reduced priced 667 for, let's say, $2199?

    you bet!
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    I too am lusting after a PowerBook. I want to pay cash for mine, though (no more big purchases on credit, ugh), so I'll likely be waiting till January. What I'm really curious about is the packaging. The paint problems with the current TiBook, combined with the gradual elimination of black from the Apple color scheme, makes me wonder if we're in for a whole new skin with the next major release.

    Speaking of... what in your mind defines a major update as opposed to a minor one?
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    For and against

    Hey,i know how you feel cos i was in the exact same situation about two weeks ago.This site is great cos you often get the heads up as to when new hardwares coming and so you can often make an educated purchase.However the downside is that you can become slightly paranoid,postponing purchases cos something "may" be released next week/month/quarter.If new powerbooks are supposed to arrive next week then wait but after that just buy.
    I decided last January that i was gonna make a purchase in summer after i finished my exams to reward myself.Everything was rosy til i heard of new powermacs and 17inch iMacs looming on the horizon so then i decided to wait til mwny to buy.They came out in august and i waited until test results were in.However by then i wasnt convinced of the improvements and besides what was i going to need all that power for anyway.Sure dual processors and a superdrive would be nice but i didnt need either of them.
    Then i saw the powerbook 667 and it was sexy,powerful and portable plus it could match if not exceed the iMac 800 15inch in all tasks.Needless to say I was sold.Sure i heard the rumors about new powerbooks but i dont need a faster processor,my 667 is doing just fine now and will for the next year or two.So now i have my computer about 3 months later than expected and i could have just bought this model in june in the first place.
    So after all that waffle i guess im trying to say wait for this week only.I wasted three months cos i was waiting for something that would be bigger and better than what went before but thats always gonna be the case.In actual fact i didnt need all the new features,it was just a case of wanting to have the latest and greatest.
    Of course,thats my issue and everyone's situation is unique.But please,assess what it is you NEED from the powerbook.If you NEED the faster processor and new graphics card and superdrive then wait but if not think about buying one of the current models cos you can always buy an external superdrive later.

    Hope that helps and buy the way you made a good choice with the powerbook,it is a beautiful machine in every aspect.
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    Re: Should I got a PowerBook now? ...or wait?

    yeah, if i were you i would definetly wait!
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    I think if there was a new case we would have heard about it already, unfortunately. I think Bluetooth is an option... I am just praying at the moment because I don't want to have to dangle a USB adaptor. Dual Processors will never happen, the PowerBooks are WAY to hot as it is. Definately a small speed bump.
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    I disagree.. I think that dual processors will happen in laptops eventually. But as for now, you are right, the heat is bad as it is... dual processors will fry an egg! In fact, it could probably roast chicken.. Hmm... a cheap grill.. nah... I'll just get a george forman's lol! No, seriously, I think that event though the dual processors aren't gonna be out for a littel while in pbooks, i think you should wait about three moths before buying a new one... b/c jan 1st historically brings some new things!
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    Over Achiever

    All I can tell ya is, I think waiting to buy until the next update is the best way to go. Unless you don't have a comp and need it now, then buy now. Otherwise the current models might be discounted, there might be features in the new pb that you would have waited a bit longer for.

    I'm waiting to buy my first mac, a pb;)
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    OH WOW, YOUR FIRST MAC? a switcher? way cool- i commend you. I have tons of friends who i am trying to get to switch, maybe you could email them! Welcome to the mac community- we r glad u r here! BTW, Jaguar rules, i think you will like it a lot... if you need hlep with anything... ask the fine people on this site, or email me samdweck@mac.com
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    If I was not worried that the paint would peel off onto my food

    Sorry, when I said "it will never happen" I meant it will never happen in the next release.
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    Echoing wait a few weeks...otherwise you'll be kicking yourself in the teeth real hard! :eek:

    >(cleo) Speaking of... what in your mind defines a major update as opposed to a minor one?

    Minor update: Rev. B of the Powerbooks originally came with a DVD drive, then the Combo Drive was added a month later. That's minor because it's just one part of the Powerbook model getting an upgrade.

    Major update: Change in processor speed, change in most internal hardware, solved issues with the prev. Rev. Powerbooks (ie A/B had severe heat problems and a high res. screen, C fixed the heat issue and increased the screen res.), etc.
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    okay, good poitn then... something useful to think about... and btw, that grill would be so cool, apple should make them just as grills!
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    That would be possible if they did not know that someone would outdo them with an x86 model grill
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    i bought my ibook cash...best move, financially

    then i bought a pc laptop which will be paid off late next year...four years total to pay the darn thing off mostly due to 23% percent interest on the card!

    i thought about finishing grad school on credit (at 9.9% percent or thru student loan at 7% percent)...either way, i pay for fifteen years or i pay for over twenty years...not a good value unless i have a lifelong direction like being a doctor or lawyer...but then i would have to be committed to that until i was retired to get my value back... putting an expensive education for master's on credit or loan without a tried and true career is guarantee that one will be in debt for life

    one of my clients put his $4,000 dollar pc laptop on credit in 2000 and he is not even halfway being done paying that thing off and he makes payments several times over the minimum payment like i always do on credit payments

    so i will go after a new apple laptop when;

    1) i have the money in cash and then,
    2) when apple comes up with a laptop way over what they have right now
    3) if nothing comes for a long time and it looks like nothing is going to happen, i will get a current apple laptop when it goes on discount:p

    i don't want to buy on plastic another thing that is high ticket ever again
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    Yeah I am thinking waiting would be in my best interest. I just hope the next iteration will be out by Jan.

    This will be my first Mac and I can hardly contain myself!!!

    Thanks everyone.

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