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Should i sell my nano?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by steamboat26, Jul 11, 2006.

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    I have a real problem. I like my nano, but the capacity is just too small for my needs. I listen to a lot of drum and bass, especially 150 MB mixes, which as you can imagine really take up a lot of space. If i got a video, i would use the video function, but its not necessary. I also think that given all these rumors about new Aluminum and Magnesium Nanos is a good reason to sell. However, my ipod is kinda scratched, because the Apple Store didn't have any cases at all when i got my nano, and i also got my initials laser engraved on the back. My question is, if i tried to sell my ipod, two cases, and my ipod book, do you think i could raise enough money for an education discount video ipod, or even a refurbished ipod with more space? (i would need $269)

    Also, what ever happened with the lawsuit over the scratched nanos?
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    I'm not sure what an iPod book is... or what cases you have.

    You don't have a chance in hell at getting that much though.

    Don't forget you have to pay tax at the apple store too, unless your incredibly lucky.
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    how much do you think everything is worth?

    BTW- the ipod book is just some book about teaching newbies how to use ipods.
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    I sold my 4GB black nano for about $185 + shipping two months ago. It had a few light scratches (used it for about 3 weeks before I went back to my old 40GB).

    Searching completed listings on eBay right now shows that the average selling price for a 4GB Black Nano would be about $155-$170 depending on condition.

    Obviously if you have the box and original accessories play into the price, (if you don't have them, lower the estimate). Your initials will devalue it further.

    I'd say all in all you could be looking at between $135-$150. That is my estimate for the iPod.

    For the cases and book expect to get around half of what you paid for them, that is the best I can do for an estimate without knowing what they were and looking up completed listings.

    New in box Nanos look like they're going from anywhere between $180-$200 right now (for 4GB) to give you some perspective as to why they're worth so little.
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    I guess i will be holding onto my ipod then... :D
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    Muahahahahahaha...i didn't know that such book exists...:D
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    haha I thought that was the manual ;)
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