Should I upgrade to the iPod Touch 5G?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by thet3chbr0th3r5, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Should I upgrade to the iPod Touch 5G from a iPod Touch 4G cause I hate the way iOS 6 runs on it, it's just too slow?

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    If you have the money, why not. It's a good upgrade.
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    Dude I know nothing about you.
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    After Apple trashed my iPod and iPad, I ditched iOS for Android. As a replacement for my iPod touch and old cell phone, I purchased an HTC Evo 3d, which is off contract for $300 at Virgin Mobile. You could buy it and only activate it for one month before cancelling the service and using it like a iPod. Over the new iPod you would still be getting a larger and glasses free 3d display, the ability to use SD cards, have a real GPS for navigation, and have a cool 3D HD camera and camcorder. The Evo 3D also has a dual core CPU and 1Gb ram, and a decent GPU , while running Android 4.
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    How did Apple trash your iPod and iPad ?
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    Way off point, then agaIn there is no point to this thread.
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    I had a 4th Gen, and it was SLOW! On iOS 5! If you're finding it slow on iOS 6, and you have £249/$299 lying around, I would say yes.

    There are so many things that have been improved on like the processor, cameras, and software capabilities. Don't forget you get a brand new 4 inch screen which is identical to the one found in the iPhone 5, unlike the 4th Gen's screen which is far less impressive compared to the 4 or 4S.
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    It's a really good upgrade, I say go for it!
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    If you want I guess.
    I'm running iOS5 jailbroken, and it is fine in terms of speed. If you have the spare money lying around and you don't want to save up more to get the iPhone, then go for it.
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    I highly recommend if you have very old one like me. I have 2nd generation believe or not. it is still fairly good for doing basic. but yeah, it's very slow as hell. I preordered it. very excited all day. I can't wait to carry this candy bar.
    oh, 5th Gen. changed and upgraded a lot. you can check spec out at apple website.
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    first point, upgrade if you want to.
    second point, iOS6 is not slow on 4th gen.
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    Not a good upgrade you're rich or wanna review it.
    1)A5 chip(2 years old processor)
    2)512 mb of ram( not enough bro)
    3)you've got the 2011 refresh(like me, that's the reason for not upgrading)
    It shall be rocking A6/A6X chip and 2gb of ram
    I don't mind if it is more expensive but the specs sucks badly!!!maybe they should have a 5 inch screen!!
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    iPod 5G runs tonnes better than the 4G. Specs are irrelevant.
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    the A6 and A6X both only have 1GB of ram equipped on them

    *cough* just sayin *cough*

    If you can afford it I would say update. It's a fantastic upgrade from the A4 to A5 and from a horrible camera to a decent one.

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