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Should i wait to buy a mini?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by acarle208, Apr 7, 2008.

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    hi i am considering switching to a mac. Since the mini is the cheapest one, i was wondering if i should buy the mini or wait a wile(around 850$ is my budget).
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    Wait at least until tomorrow (Apple update on tuesdays only and a new one is due soon).
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    I would wait or if you want one right away buy a refurb one since the full retails ones are not a good value right now.
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    yeah thanks what config do you recomend
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    I had the same dilemma about a month and a half ago. Glad I didnt wait. I would still be "Vista"ing it right now and have enjoyed the time with my mini and the $$ I saved getting a refurbed one. I also kinda' thought a new version would be a little higher in price, so I bit the bullet and just bought the refurbed.

    Every once in a while you see a 2.0 on the refurb page. If thats the one you want, you have to move on it as they seem to disappear pretty fast from their page, but pop up every couple of days or so.
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    You should wait until :apple: updates it Because Faster computer and The price won't change.
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    I am currently waiting for an updated mini. The rumored upgrades are worth the wait for me. Here is to hoping for tomorrow, the credit card is ready.
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