Should i waste my time buying this stuff for my powerbook g4

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by casey37812, Apr 8, 2009.

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    Hi, i have a powerbookg4 titanium with a 550mhz processor.

    i wanna go to best buy and upgrade my hard drive from 10gb to 160gb.
    i also am going to order 1gb of ram off ebay. im running 512mb at the moment.

    from my last post i learned that i will never be able to play halo or anything on here.

    but if i do upgrade my ram and HD will i be able to download a good amount a music without slowing the computer down. and will i be able to download ilife04 off of piratebay and run garageband pretty fast?

    I was also wondering if anyone knew if i could run logic express 8 on here if i downloaded it off piratebay. i just dont wanna waste my time downloading it and it not work or run slow.
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    I'm using a last gen 12" powerbook with max ram and hard drive, and I find it to be quite capable of doing everyday consumer stuff.

    Geez, how much will it cost to do the upgrade? How much ram will it take?

    And can you put in the hard drive yourself? I don't care what some people on the boards will say, trying to put a new drive in my 12 incher was a complete and total PITA. My forty year old eyes and fingers were NOT up to the task.

    If it's more than a couple of hundred dollars, I'd say to start saving up for a good macbook or late gen g4 ibook or powerbook instead. If it's not, it should serve to help you steal music. As for how well it will handle the ilife suite you intend to steal, I'm not sure.
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    im only gonna spend 70 on the hard drive and 40 to have it put in.
    i can only max the ram to 1gb and i know how to put that in.
    im getting the 2 sticks of 512mb for 50 dollars.
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    Is Geek Squad charging $40 to put it in? Wow. You're honestly better off doing it yourself with the help of iFixIt.
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    i have all my applications on my external hard drive but i dont have any software disks. i know how to get the hard drive out i just dont know how to get the software onto the new one.
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    Why ebay? You could have bought the same RAM with a lifetime warranty for $28.99 each from OWC.
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    well the ones on ebay are a lifetime warranty too and they are cheaper.
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    Ok then as long as the seller is reliable, they are guaranteed to work with your Powerbook, and if anything goes wrong with them you can return them at no cost to you.
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    #9 it really necessary to make 3 threads of your powerbook G4?
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    I think its about time you upgrade to a macbook pro.
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    I'm usually an advocate for older technology...but even I think 550 MHz is really pushing it when it comes to a main machine. It can be done, but not with the kind of things the OP wants it to do.

    To the OP: Get a 1 GHz machine, or at the very least, an 867 MHz machine. Your current PB can be upgraded and become faster, but I don't think you'll really be happy with the speed.
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    When the situation presents itself, you may want to consider upgrading to a newer laptop. My older rigs were and still are work horses. I still use them quite a bit. However, when the timing was right, I got a new laptop.
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    Man all the powerbooks cant even watch a simple hd trailer...

    I'd say just get a macbook.
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    Not true I can watch a 1080p HD movie on my PowerBook on my friend's 30 inch monitor
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    He's right.

    You just have to let the video buffer completely.

    Youtube HD however, is a completely different story.....
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    id say if a simple polycarb macbook will smoke your powerbook, then its prob not worth doing. Especially since a hundred or so more could get u a PB over a 1gb processor
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    yeah, worthless youtube.... why do they have to suck so much
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    Flash Player 10 + ActionScript 3.0 is way too Hi-tech for a very old PPC Apple laptop.
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    Thats right.
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    I wouldn't upgrade it...

    For the price of $50+$40+$50=$160 to upgrade this old machine, he could get an iPod Touch and be able watch Youtube videos, check e-mails, surf the web and much more.
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    No. Upgrading that is useless. Save up for a new computer. The value of that Mac is several hundred... at most.
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    The OP wants to steal software and music. Do you think he'll really want to shell out for a new computer?

    I agree that a new computer is probably the best choice.
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    Lol, noted that myself. Surprised nobody else has mentioned it?

    Edit: apologies, Clyde also mentioned it (as did you farthestar, but I got that bit :) )

    OP - buy a new comp, and don't steal ****?
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    Maybe he doesn't have the system requirements he needs to run a BitTorrent client. :p
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    Oh well, that's easy. Something like SuperDuper! can do it for you!
    But... I'm not sure will it work with the older PowerBooks :(

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