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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by PR., Jun 28, 2010.

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    Wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a shoulder bag for a DSLR (plus a couple of lenses) and enough space for the iPad?

    Been looking at the Crumpler New Delhi but they only have laptop sleeves which are a bit large just for the iPad. Want to try and keep the bag size to a usable minimum.
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    May 2, 2010
    I am planning to use this bag:

    I haven't been using the Tamrac Pro 5 in a while, as least not to tote cameras around. I prefer to use a Think Tank Pro Belt if I am toting around a lot of gear...or at least a holster or two depending on what/where I am shooting.

    Also, the Tamrac bag is currently holding a GigaPan...which is taller than a camera...especially if a camera is mounted on it...and I have not found anything else for it.

    But, what I like about this bag is the vertical nature of it. Having LOTS of bags, this one is a little different in that cameras load top down...with a lens facing down. I was able to store a midsized DSLR with a 70-200 attached along with a couple of other lenses along it's sides. Or, I could put the 70-200 along the side and have another lens attached.

    The iPad will fit along the back pocket as you can see from the last picture.
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  4. PR.
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    Oct 3, 2005
    Bedford, UK
    Thanks ~Phi, ive already got a back pack and find it a bit of a hassle to get the camera in and out, hence looking for a shoulder bag.

    Looking at the tamrac, it's quite cheap so might be worth a go.

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    I have the Kata bag.. 2nd the recommendation.
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    I sometimes carry my D3 and two or three lenses plus the iPad in the Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 bag, which is a shoulder bag. It doesn't look like either a camera bag or a laptop bag, either.
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    May 2, 2010
    I have been shooting for a lot of years...and have gone through several stages of backpack, shoulder bag, to what I am now using with a harness least when I am carrying a lot of gear.

    Here I am carrying three cameras with lenses, a flash and an extra lens: [​IMG]

    I have found after many hikes, that a backback is good if you want to tote your camera gear TO a location and shoot. But, if you plan to take pictures along the way, it is best to be able to get to it quickly. Animal life doesn't tend to wait for you to stop, get your back pack off, and get a camera out. Like in the picture above, the holster on my let hip has a 150-500mm lens...and is seconds away from use. The left of the center of my back is a 14-24mm wide angle lens that is easy to get to...but since it is more likely for a scenic, it is ok if it takes a moment longer to get out. On my right hip is a camera with a 18-105 for general shots (and video) and is out with in seconds. When I toted all of this gear in a backpack, I took a whole lot less pictures.

    But even for toting one camera around town, I still prefer a holster, like the Think Tank Digital Holster 20.

    Now that I have an iPad that I am carrying around, when I want to carry a camera, I will take the Tamrac that I have...or look for a slightly smaller version of it that still has the height of the one I already have.
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    Dec 17, 2010
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    Nov 25, 2011
    iPad + DSLR bag = Tamrac Rally 5

    I needed something for my Canon DSLR and my iPad.

    I wanted something for travelling that could comfortably carry my Canon DSLR (EOS 7D) with the kit zoom lens (28-135mm), plus a 2nd smaller Canon 50mm lens, plus my iPad. And I didn't want a backpack, or a large messenger/duffel bag. In other words, I wanted to find the smallest, lightest option which could give me quick access to my gear.

    Since purchasing the bag, I've actually been able to travel with the above mentioned gear, PLUS another camera (Fuji x100) AND a 2nd iPad (my wife's), all in this one bag. The inner compartment dividers are flexible and customizable enough for me to squeeze in both cameras, the extra lens and additional bits of gear. The flap opens at the top for pretty easy access to everything.

    The inner vertical iPad slot actually was able to hold TWO iPads (one with the Apple iPad original case, the other iPad2 with a Smart Cover attached). It is a snug fit for 2 iPads, but, hey it works!

    The outer back pocket was great for quick access for a magazine, guidebooks or maps, and the zippered front pocket area was great for carrying extra batteries, memory cards, chargers/travel European power adapters. There are also two side outer mesh pockets which, for me, held bottled water and snacks.

    The wide strap has a nice padded shoulder piece, and the attached handle grip was handy (no pun intended) to have. I like the dimensions of this bag, and that it's smaller than the typical messenger bag or backpack.
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    I like that one beewee. I've been looking for a solution for this. Can you snap some pics of your setup?


    $200. Wow
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    Apr 8, 2011
    I use a 5 or 6 Million dollar home from crumpler

    High quality and you can reconfigure how all the panels inside lay out. I use just pop em in so i have a flat thin spot in the back for the ipad, then my SLR + 2 lenses + flash.

    Accessories go into other spots.
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