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Shouldn't Apple Just Send Case Manufacturers the Mold and Dimensions of iPhone 4?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MICHAELSD, May 15, 2010.

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    We all know that the iPhone shown on a few sites claiming to be the next generation iPhone is a real Apple prototype. Even Apple has confirmed it, though there really was no reason to believe that it wasn't. If case manufacturers don't get the dimensions of the new iPhone until about two weeks before its release, we won't see many cases (which is usually the case). Now that we all know what the next iPhone will look like, Apple really should send case manufacturers a mold and the dimensions of the next iPhone so we have a fairly wide selection of cases in a little over a month.

    Even if case manufacturers could at least get the exact dimensions, then we should see some leather cases/sleeves. Case manufacturers would need a mold to make a form-fitting case, but I would imagine a lot of people would pick up whatever is available. Personally, I would like a leather case for the next iPhone instead of a rubberized plastic form-fitting case like I have now since I really like the design. A company could see that their current leather flip case has similar dimensions for the new iPhone, but maybe not a great fit when removing the iPhone.

    Apple has nothing to lose if they give information about the next iPhone that case manufacturers need to make a great case since their secret is already out. Let case manufacturers get their new case designs into production.
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    Okay, thank you for this.
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    Are you in some way affiliated to a case manufacturer?...I'm just like taking a wild guess here.
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    No, not in any way. I just think it would be a good idea since I like having a lot of cases to choose from from the day I buy a device.
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    Nothing to lose?? Maybe they want to sell their own case or those they contract with. Maybe they want to make last minute changes. Maybe they want to try to keep it secret and announce it on their own schedule. Good grief. :eek:
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    This is what I liked about the 3gs launch... we had a huge selection of 3g chases to choose out of.

    A minor inconvenience.

    I figure Ill get some cheap/poorly made case for the first month, and let the market of 4 cases mature, so I will get a good one then.
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    Apple has never sold their own case for an iPhone. I figure that iPhone 4 has to be very close to production, or is in production, so the design won't change when that starts. They wouldn't be revealing anything that we don't already know by sending out a plastic mold in the shape of the iPhone 4 as well as the dimensions.
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    Or MAYBE... care manufactures already have the dimensions and all.

    OP, you do realize that these company's have to sign NDA's, which is probably the reason why none of them have leaked out yet. They gotta be extremely careful or else Apple will kick their ass.
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    I was just assuming that Apple hasn't. I guess we'll find out when iPhone 4 is announced what other companies reveal.
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    We know in the past that they have. It's how come device details have leaked in the past.
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    Probably because Apple knows that if you put a case on your phone, you're using it wrong.
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    That's a stretch to say because the iPhone was never a particurally durable device, except for the scratch resistancy of the screen. You drop it once and you have a high risk of cracking the screen. The back and metal bezel will get very beat up over usage if the user isn't careful. I know a lot of people with Motorola phones or BlackBerrys who could never use their iPhone with the same abuse and clumsiness.
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    I never use a case. Dropped it at least 6-8 times. Besides some deep scratches on the case, everything is fine.
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    I drop my phone almost every day on concrete. I have only one little insignificant scratch, you can't even see it unless you hold it in the light in one exact way. Though I must say the HD looks to be a little less sturdy, might go with a case in the beginning..
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    Cases are useless on an iPhone...
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    Right. That's why mine looks nearly identical to the day I took it out of the box. I'm sure it'd look exactly the same if I'd never put a case on it (and I baby the thing like nobody's business.) If you're prone to fits of the dropsy, I'd say cases are far from useless on iPhones.
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    I have the iPhone 3G that I've had for almost two years now. I've never had a case on it and the only thing that looks different from the day I got it is the scratches on the chrome. I've never dropped my iPhone in those two years, cases are pretty useless imo.
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    I take it you have know idea what dropsy is.
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    I know what the actual disease dropsy is; I was using the slang term that refers to people who drop things constantly. Sorry.
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    If that's a slang term, it must be a very local one. Urban Dictionary doesn't even list it (although they do list 'dropsy' meaning 'bribe'), and it's nowhere to be seen on the first several pages of Google.
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    It is usually called "the dropsies".

  23. TSX
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    I'm guessing they'll give the dimensions to the case manufacturers on or right after wwdc.

    Plus apple would never give a mold away it cost alot to make them and the 4g doesn't look like anythings molded in the first place.

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