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Show me your art done on an iPad!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by MicroByte, May 26, 2010.

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    A while back there was a great thread about iPad art where people shared what could be done on an iPad. The thread was moved to the iPad Apps section and has really gone away since then. (link)

    I wanted to restart something here and have us share art, drawings, paints done on the iPad! It's so great to see what people can come up with and how powerful the iPad can be as a creation device, so please contribute and comment!

    I'll get started...

    Here is my latest, "Life's Journey":


    (Also, for those that want to just use a clickable thumbnail, use the TIMG tag instead of the IMG, I just learned that a few weeks ago)
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    I cant wait to draw on Sketchbook Pro!
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    I'm currently using ArtStudio. It's been great and well worth the price. However, I'm probably going to try out Brushes or Sketchbook Pro and try it on my next project.
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    MicroByte thank you for starting another thread over here. It sucks the other one got moved. Hopefully we can keep one this one alive.

    I have ArtStudio and Sketchbook Pro, I dont know what it is but I find myself always wanting to use ArtStudio.

    Probably my best one, I'm no artist.

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    Nice work guys!!!!!!!
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    Yes, Art Studio is tremendous for 99 cents! Also, it was just updated yet again tonight and it keeps getting better and better.
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    No kidding! I just updated about 30 minutes ago and some of the new features are awesome! I love the new brush jitter! I have been struggling with textures and the jitter setting with paintbrush is a great way to texture more randomly.

    I was about to pick up Brushes, but I think I'll hold off for now. :)
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    Woo! I like this new thread :)

    I don't have anything new yet that wasn't in the old thread so I will just post my last from the old thread.

    Work and school are eating up my time so I haven't been able to finish my current project : /

    I made this in brushes and used my finger btw

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    I'm no artist but I am now addicted to drawing on my iPad. I can't draw from memory. :( I look at pics while i draw them. Still learning.


    and my old one from the other thread:

    oh btw...., these except the Goku drawing were done in SketchBook Pro. Best 8 dollars ever spent on the AppStore.
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    wow, those are really fantastic, excellent job!

    I'm the same way and do better when I can visualize.
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    Lol not an artist my @$$! These are fantastic!
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    I agree, these are really great, still love the Iron Man the best!
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    I finally got almost caught up with school.

    Here is my latest creation. I scrapped the other one I was working on because its beyond my skill level right now and made this instead.

    I made it with Brushes using my finger.

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    My son's Birthday is coming up later on in June and he loves dinosaurs. Given my new found hobby, I thought It'd be a great surprise and paint something special for him!

    My plan is to blow it up using a great piece of software called RasterBator which takes an images and allows you to blow it up to several pages in size to make HUGE wall posters. I've done this in the past and the results are pretty cool.

    This was finger painted in ArtStudio on the iPad. I used a photo of my son and triceratops for reference, but not under the painting.

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    Great work. Sure your son will be delighted.
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    lol. I'm dead serious. I could never draw like this before the iPad. Always wanted a wacom monitor before though. However, thanks for the compliment!

    BTW. I really LOVE the new update for SketchBook Pro. Video output, lock the toolbar, and layer blending modes. :D Drawing is much more efficient and faster paced now thanks to the always visible toolbar option.
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    Wanted to share the various steps on how this was painted:


    (1st frame) The first step was drawing/filling the Triceratops.

    (2nd frame) Once I got the shape right, I began shading and detailing. The Triceratops was kept on it's own layer to make it easier to position. At this point, I hadn't decided on the background or scene yet.

    (3rd Frame) Once I had the Triceratops done, I added my son to another layer. I had to blend in his let with the Triceratops head so I drew and colored in the main body parts and then slowly started erasing away so it would look like he was sitting on top of the Triceratops.

    (4th frame) Here I added the detail to my son. This (as with my Pondering painting) was really difficult! Surprisingly, arms and legs are simple, but faces, not so much!

    (5th frame) I finally started playing around with scenery. I wanted them to be in an open area instead of cramped jungle, so I thought about an open field with the forest behind them. This worked great and the timing was perfect since ArtStudio was updated with some fantastic new tools that I immediately used! The trees in the background were done with a paintbrush with different colors using the new Jitter slider. Jitter is fantastic for randomizing brush strokes and I can see myself using this in the future for texturing. Also, the background was independent and on it's own layer.

    (6th frame) I added more details like the Pterodactyls and shading.

    (7th frame) Here I drew and shaded the momma Brachiosaurus. I added this one on another layer and blended her legs in with the grass from the background layer.

    (8th frame) I added the baby Brachiosaurus on yet another layer. I eventually merged the momma and baby into one layer once I finished shading and detailing. And that's it, all done! :)

    (9th frame) here I show the various layers, it's hard to see, sorry. Going from top to bottom are the Momma and Baby Brachiosaurs, then my son, then the Triceratops and finally the background.

    All in all, this took about 4 days to paint.
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    Created using Sketch Book Pro


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    Did you honestly and truly do these? Those aren't amateur pictures at all.
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    Was just goofing off today and drew this...

    Not sure what I was doing with this or where I was going with this one. Maybe I'm just listening to too much KoRn or something. Sometimes growing up, you just feel like you're different from everyone. Some things never change I guess...

    Finger painted in ArtStudio on the iPad.

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    Dude, that is so impressive! Thx for sharing how you created that picture.

    I have no artistic skills, but I'm really intrigued to learn with the iPad and so far have no clue how to tackle such a drawing. ;)

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    I wish I could draw, my IQ based on artistic skills equates to that of a 3 year old.
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    After viewing this threa, I decided to go buy ArtStudio and I love it. so easy to use yet powerful. Anyway, here's my first attempt at a drawing:

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    Sigh...the mods moved the thread again...

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