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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by kernyboy, Apr 6, 2010.

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    I'm on the fence with what case to get! Show me yours! If you have a pic of your new iPad in a cool or unique em!
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    That is nice and not too expensive either.
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    But it's Lucky brand!!!
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    NYY FaN

    I bought the Belkin Grip Vue and I really like it. Its $50 so its not cheap but I think its the best case currently out for the ipad. It's clear so you can still see the device, the gel is hard enough to protect it very well but soft enough to be comfortable when holding it and it has a slight tacky feel for good grip. I use my netbook case to put it in when I'm going to travel and its a perfect fit, saved me another 50-60 bucks.

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    has anyone found a case that is compatible with the ipad dock?
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    I laso bought the belkin grip vue but retuning it. It is so hard to remove when I want to use my iPad as a picture frame every night since it is not dockable.
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    NYY FaN

    yeah I didn't buy the dock and I'm fine with getting a stand and plugging it in with the wire.. but if it doesn't fit in the dock with this case then I doubt it will with any case, its pretty thin to begin with
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    I'm hoping the M-Edge Executive Jacket will be awesome.


    My wife has the Executive Jacket for her Kindle and it is really a nice case for about $50. (I think she got it on Amazon for about $35).
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    The Belkin Grip Vue looks really nice. I like how it opens at the top instead of at the side.

    I like that it's clear, but I wonder if dust will somehow get in between the case and the iPad and then be visible. After a week or so, you should post back and let us know how it looks.....

    The HP netbook sleeve is a good option as well. I saw them at Best Buy for $19.99.

    So far, I've bought an incase Neoprene Sleeve for a 10.2" Netbook at Target. It was only $12.99... I guess it was on sale because I could have sworn the sign on the shelf said $29.99. The Apple Store is selling the practically the same thing (but with "iPad" on the packaging) for $40.

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    Case still hasnt arrived :(
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    I actually called them today for an ETA. I got the wrong person. They Just blew me off.

    I figure three weeks on the outside.
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    When I was shopping for a Kindle case, I thought M-Edge cases were really nice looking with great color options and what appears to be top quality material, but wasn't sure about the corner ribbons. The iPad is much heavier than the Kindle and they are still using those ribbons on the corners. It just seems to me that wouldn't be secure and could stretch out over time if any sort of weight is applied.
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    I ordered one like that belkin clear one but it is blue and was 16.99 there was a YouTube video of it looks pretty sweet. Hopefully it looks as good in person, will post some pics once it arrives.
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    I want the DODOcase...


    ... but I would also like an iPad... hurry up with the Aussie pricing Apple!!!
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    Yes, I know, I bought the $45 one from Apple and it actually doesn't fit because it is a netbook sleeve. Back to Apple this one goes!
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    I too got the official apple case. I wasn't going to, but when I checked it out in the store it really impressed me. I know a lot of people don't like it, but I don't regret my decision at all; it looks really good in person and the tab to prop it up comes in handy all the time. It may not be the most protective, but I'm pretty protective of it myself anyway and it isn't as thick as other cases (one of my biggest pro's).
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    just the default case i have. i love the fact that the so called "sharp edges" is very genius design. why? just in case you drop it. it will protect the bezel!

    i am not bothered at all, and they are not really sharp :rolleyes:
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    I use one everyday with the Kindle DX which is just a bit lighter but still hefty.

    I don't think this will be an issue.

    We shall see.

    BTW, that DODOcase is pretty nice. 4 to 6 weeks though
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    My response is almost word for word the same as this. I also have the Apple case and love it. I would get it and not look back.

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