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Show me your iPad 2 sleeves...

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by biffarino, Jun 23, 2011.

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    I have recently purchased an iPad 2 and have come to the conclusion that I want a sleeve case rather than a folio case like on my old iPad.

    So, sleeve uses, show me what you've got :)
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    Can't go wrong with WaterField Designs


    I have the Smart Case and Wallet. Both are great.

    I use the small loop on the bottom of the SmartCase to hold my stylus.
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    I've decided I like using the iPad without a case. It feels great in the hands and so light weight. So while I'm not using it, I stick it in XtremeMac's Thin Sleeve. It lives up to its name, with a magnetic flap to cover the opening and a pull tab. http://www.xtrememac.com/Products/Leather-Slip-Sleeve/Thin-Sleeve-for-iPad--iPad-2/

    I got it on sale at Radio Shack for $30. If at some point you want to add a SmartCover or shell, it'll still fit as its designed for both the iPad 1 and 2. It's faux leather wrapping some stiff cardboard with a microfiber interior, and it's really understated which makes it appealing to me. It won't save your iPad if you run over it with a truck but it will protect it from scratches, dents, and the occasional low-height fall.
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    Waterfield sleeve:

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    I've got many, here is the most recent one I currently use though :)
    It's a BeyzaCases leather sleeve.

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    I'm using Freiwild Sleeve 9 and I love it. It's made of sheep felt in Germany. The iPad sits really tightly, doesn't fit very well with a smart cover on it though.

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    Could not be happier with the Waterfield smart sleeve. Made in USA. My Waterfield bag has lasted longer than all other bags combined. Amazing quality.
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    your accessoires ipad are so great!
  10. wacomme, Jun 27, 2011
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    I have the STM Jacket for the iPad 2. It is very nice and has a small pocket to carry the charger. $24 too![​IMG]
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    I ended up grabbing this in the Target clearance rack. A little more useful and protective than a standard neoprene sleeve.

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    Is anyone using a TUCANO sleeve? I have a similar one for my MBA and am thinking about buying that one for my iPad2.

    My question is that I want to use a smartcover, is the TUCANO sleeve big enough to accommodate the iPad2 with a smartcover?
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    Currently I am using Targus Hughes leather case for iPad. The price is 19.99 dollars, but it used to be 59.99 dollars. Very nice quality and it is well worth 19.99 dollars.

    I am planning on switching to SF bags though...

    SF bags are top notch.
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    I wish they had black with white or silver stitching.
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    Recently got this from my local store.
    the padding inside is very padded!! thumbs up!


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    I have the Waterfield Ultimate Sleeve Case because I wanted the flap over the top. I am really tempted by the Smart Case though.

    For those with the Smart Case, how well does it hold it in? Any slipping? What about with a slim cover on the back of the iPad?
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    I have the WaterField Smart Case - the version to accommodate Apple's Smart Cover. When I turned it upside down, the iPad with Smart Cover would --slowly-- slide out. Was not a problem. Now I also have an Enki Genius Case on the back of the iPad plus the Smart Cover. It fits (a little tight at first) and does not slide out.
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    That is what I use too. I love it. It's soft on the inside, a pocket on the back where I keep a stylus and the USB cable, and the handles can tuck into the case and you can use it just as a sleeve. Incase is always good quality in my experiences with them too.
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    Strange, mine is so tight that I must use the little tab to pull the iPad out.
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    More than big enough - i am using a smart cover with a black second skin case and it fits perfect.
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    sleeve vs. folios

    What is the difference between a sleeve case and a folio case?

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    A sleeve case is just that a sleeve kind of like an envelope. You use it to store and/or carry the iPad in. When you want to use it you take the iPad out.

    A folio case is an all round cover kind of like a book cover. You use the iPad whilst it's still in the case and don't take it out. The top of the case acts like a lid that covers the screen whilst not in use.

    In general folio type cases add more bulk and weight then sleeves but they offer more protection. Essentially it's a trade off.

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