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Show your MBA scars.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Ironic, Jan 2, 2009.

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    Post Pictures of your Rev A and B Macbook Airs, bumped, scratched and dropped!
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    Sorry, but I'm one of the lucky ones that doesn't have a scratch, dent or blemish at present...:cool:
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    Ouch! How did that happen?:eek:
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    It just did. They acted like I was the luckiest guy on earth for them approving this for warranty, b/c things like this "just don't happen."

    Being a law student, it was so hard to refrain from dropping the logic bomb on his ass. I did the wise thing, shined him on a little, and they replaced my entire exterior of the MBA.

    Still, the nerve of the guy...
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    Aw, come on man.. you have to admit you are pretty frickin lucky they serviced it at all and didn't just flag your serial for future service. With damage like that, they could easily claim any problems after that was caused by the fall (I'm assuming it dropped, right?).

    Yeah, the Geniuses can be pretty smug sometimes.. but you gotta admit you are still lucky they fixed it. :)
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    Are you kidding me? The first thing, literally, that I said, is that it did indeed just happen. I treat my Air like a baby. It's sad really. So when I get smug Geniuses claiming to know all, it drives me bat **** insane.

    Hinges are some of the first things to go on clamshell devices. For example, my Nintendo DS (as well as my friend's) has a hairline crack much akin to (old) my Air, pictured above.

    And just for the sake of argument (aka fun), how, pray tell, would the hinge of a laptop get cracked like that from a drop? If it was damage from behind, then maybe you have an argument.

    In the end, there is nothing more frustrating than telling the truth and still having to beg and plead with these guys.
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    NC MacGuy

    I've seen other reports of the hinge becoming way loose and exactly this boo-boo happening. Glad they fixed it, sorry you had to kiss some ass to get it taken care of.:)
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    I am glad that they fixed your MacBook Air for you kloan. Due to the position of the crack on the hinge, I can not see how that would have resulted from a fall. :)

    Maybe the Geniuses are just trained to be skeptical... ;)
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    yeah if i held my macbook up and dropped it im sure there would be other large marks in order to cause the hinge to crack. As for my Macbook, shes lovely, no marks as of yet.
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    Mine is Mint as well, I have seen some really bad photos, that why i started this thread.
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    hmm i'm looking into doing law myself. and it's good that they replaced the exterior of the MBA.
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    Actually, I hadn't thought of that.. you guys are right though, how the heck could a fall cause that? I remember now that part is plastic, isn't it? (I had a 1st gen, 2nd gen on the way).

    They sure can be pricks sometimes.. it really depends on who you get. But at the same time, with a bit of force, and pulled just the right way, I'm sure that crack could be caused by misuse.

    All I'm saying is at least they fixed it.
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    No scars here.
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    Clix Pix

    I've had my MBA since February 2008 (first gen) and no dents, no scars, nothing.....and she's been around the house, around town and away from home out of town with me, too.
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    I have a nice Axio fibreglass rucksack specifically for travelling but thanks to modern aviation restrictions I had to sacrifice it this particular work trip and take a larger carry case designed for clothes, (not laptops) so i could distribute my luggage weight more evenly. So there i was collecting my shoes, belt, phone and my overly packed bag from the xray machine at Miami International airport, i got distracted by a latina with an exceptional pair of lady pillows waiting at the end of the security section staring back at me, (or at least in my general direction).. and in an attempt to look cool and macho i lifted my relatively heavy carry-on bag with one hand while looking at her, my bag felt exceptionally lighter though, and that was because i had forgot to zip up one of the main compartments and half my bag including my precious Air had fallen from 0.5m onto the hard floor.. she giggled as I packed up my stuff, I noted the dent but kept my immediate pain deep inside and kept a cool face just so i could walk past her and in a rare moment of bravado say "you made me drop my laptop, but it was so totally worth it" she smiled cutely back, but her big boyfriend just finishing up a bag check didn't. My friends and me quickly moved on up the escalator to the gate. I damaged my laptop and failed at trying to come onto a girl within the space of 3 minutes.. nice. :cool:

    The damage did hurt me at the time, but my mate consoled me saying it added character and made it unique in a world of Apple laptops that all look the same. Also i had done something similar to my Macbook Pro a year before (back then i physically got mad), but since then i realised there are worse things in life than a small dent on an otherwise amazing piece of machinery, and it seemed all the more petty especially when i was about to fly in a huge metal tube 35,000ft above sea level.. luckily the Air still closes perfectly fine and the damage is purely superficial... and the fact i could never imagine selling my Air as it will ALWAYS have a use (i even prefer to browse the net on it over my 8-core MP and 30" ACD!), i haven't lost out financially at all, if anything i love it as it does add character and it will always remind me of those fantastic lady pillows and that pretty smile she gave me... that alone makes it priceless in my mind!!

    PS. i have to say considering the height of the drop, the fact it hit purely on the corner and onto hardfloor, it is a miracle the damage was purely superficial and as slight as it is, just goes to show the genius of Apple's unibody aluminum enclosure, the thing still works like a charm.. btw i ******** love my Air!!!
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    I had almost the same thing happen to me, but it did affect how it closed and it was on the other corner (hinge side). Does anybody know how I could fix this? (still under warranty)

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    Similar situation - not cheap to fix

    I did a similar thing today, though without the involvement of lady pillows. Not my thing.

    Only the top is dented, the bottom case is perfect, and the bill is £342.70.

    It doesn't affect function. The primary reason I intend to get it fixed is because otherwise the three year applecare I bought is worth jack as they'll take one look at it if it develops some unrelated fault in a year's time and say it's due to the drop. Whereas if I get it fixed now, it hurts my wallet, but all as good as new. Of course if they manage to give me a lined screen or dead pixels I may be less happy.
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    bartman--that just pains me to look at that!
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    Ouch. Looks like that unibody is not as strong as they say!

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