Shrek 2 (the cat scene)

Discussion in 'Community' started by mymemory, Jul 21, 2004.

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    Ok, I know this is way too late but I just have to mention it... is not the scene of the cat throwing up the hair ball the best computer animation scene ever?

    I mean, it is just one frame that last for a few seconds but for me it is the most brilliant action ever!
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    lol yeah that was great
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    Shrek and Shrek 2 are two of the most original and great comedies that i have seen in a loooong time

    but that scene is definately one of the best
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    Too bad it's Dreamworks using HP tech and not Pixar. Great movies.
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    i loved the scene there the people in far far away ran from one starbucks to theone across the street when the giant gingerbread man attacked
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    Do you think Dreamworks' technology is better than Pixar's? I don't really know what the differences are between them, other than Pixar uses Renderman.
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    When Prince Charming is shaking his long hair for an unnecessarily long time, you just know the animators thought "let's do a few extra seconds of hair shaking, to show off how cool our animation is. After all the programming we did, let's milk it."
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    Savage Henry


    Isn't it an Oxymoron to call Shrek 2 "original" .... ? :)

    It may seem to be soaked in bias, but I prefer the works of Pixar for originality. Although when I do get round to seeing the Shrek 2 I'll keep an eye out for the cat bit.

    However, I find that the human movements, particularly upper torso, resemble clumsy mannequins on strings.

    But I could well be in a minority.
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    It was put in for parody effect. It mocks shampoo commercials and perhaps the final fantasy movie where the best thing they could say about it was "look at how real her hair looks"
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    There aren't enough degrees of freedom in the back. There is a mass/balance disconnect between the arms and body.
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    Ok, so there are some really funny scenes in Shrek 2, but as a movie I thought it sucked.
    The story was very thin, seems like they didn't know how to follow up the first one. Just fooled around a bit.

    Thank god for Eddie Murphy, he did a very good job in this one as well.
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    Agree about the (lack of) story. And like you said, Eddie Murphy did a great job, but I thought the cat was really the scene stealer in this movie. One of the funniest lines for me was the cat saying "I hate Mondays" (a Garfield reference) while he's drinking some milk at the bar.
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    I am totally agree with you, the movie is actually boring, if you take off the cat scene it wouldn't be that such success. People take the movie as a "whole" but with a little of experience you can tell they really put an effort in one or two parts.

    It is just like in the record industry when one song sellls an entire album.

    The movie in general was ok! but really the cat scene was way too good, I bet they are going to do something with it in the next accademy awards.
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    overall, i liked shrek 2, but felt it wasn't as good as the first one. i liked that cat hairball scene. on a related note, my favorite line from the cat is when the donkey passes out after drinking the magic potion and he says, "hey boss, let's shave him". he just has this sneaky look on his face, and with that accent - classic!

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    nice but…

    ¡ preferred the scene of the cat sitting on the horse licking is own genitals, I was like what in gods name is it doin? Really funny.

    But I got to admit the story was really flat. And I don't want to seem biased but the whole Hollywood reference is just getting boring now. Why is it that they always have to show the Hollywood hills in every single movie. There must be tons of other cool stuff to show off, no? (and I know thats the place movies are made but still)

    I liked the shampoo wave ass well. Very handsome prince ideed. :eek:
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    I don't see how you get that impression, but yes....soaked in bias......definitely. ;)

    The entire movie was great. It also had the best computer animation I have ever seen.
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    I definitely knew what it was doing- my dog does that all the time. It's so disturbing... but in the movie it was humorous :p
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    The things I liked best about Shrek 2

    Fiona feeding Ariel to the sharks.
    The Knights bit with everyone being arrested. "Catnip" "no no its not mine"
    The part where they meet the parents for the first time and they cut back and forth with words from the different conversations. Incredible writing.
    That the love potion had "IX" on the label.
    When Joan Rivers was talking about the Fairy Godmother's party and said "The Abs are Fab" (Jennifer Saunders who played the Fairy Godmother starred on a show called Absolutely Fabulous abbreviated (AbFab) that for a couple of years seemed to be all comedy central played)
    That the Fairy Godmother was a mafioso
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    Here is a popular misconception. Pixar doesnt use Renderman, they use PPRenderman, which stands for photo-realistic renderman.

    Renderman is kinda a standard/protocol which can be implemented in very different ways.

    PRenderman is considered the best renderer, with no close competition because it allow the fastest rendering with best illumination and blurs.

    As for the humans in the background looking like puppets, I think it was part of a proof of concept to use a new technology or something because it was sooo much different than the rest of the movie.

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