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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by benmadrid, Feb 26, 2007.

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    Hi, on my old pc I used to use the right-click email photos function a lot, which would shrink the images I had selected and add them as an attachment to a Thunderbird email. I now still use Thunderbird on the Mac, but have no idea how to automate this shrink-photos-to-email function I loved so much on the PC. Anyone know how to do this with the Mac?
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    If the pictures are in your iPhoto album, you can select the picture, choose Share>email which then prompts you to choose small, medium, large or full size.

    Alternatively, select the size you want from the selector which appears at the bottom right of the email when you add the photo.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks, but I don't want to use iPhoto... and I can't see the selector you mention in the thunderbird email window.

    It will resize the original though too, I would like to leave the original in place and just attach a reduced version to the email automatically...
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    Mmm, sorry. Thought you were using Thunderbird because you were used to it from your PC. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that but mentioned how it can be done on the Mac. The window I was referring to is in Mail.
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    Actually when you select batch resize (even when doing one photo) you can set it up so it saves the resized photo to a separate location and even add a suffix (i.e. small) to it and it leaves the original photo in the original location unharmed.

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    Thanks HB for that, I will give it a try. After lots of fishing online yesterday I have been playing with Adobe's Lightroom which works pretty well at exporting pics to a folder ready to email. It is meant to open them directly as attachements in a t-bird email too but unfortunately that doesn't work!

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