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Shuffle on a keychain?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by balamw, Aug 24, 2005.

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    I carried a 128M Lexar jumpdrive on my keychain for about 3 years and it finally died. I bought a 512M Sandisk Cruzer mini at Costco to fill the gap, but it is too small, so I often "misplace" or forget it.

    So, I was considering replacing it with a (larger) 1G iPod shuffle which would also allow me to stop carrying my 4G 20G iPod around everywhere. However, just like the Cruzer it has no native way to be attached to my keychain.

    I've seen a number of carabiners, etc. for the shuffle, but most of them imply that they are not for use on a keychain. Only backpacks, etc...

    Any suggestions for a good cap or case that wold allow my to put a shuffle on my keychain?

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    When I went to my nearest Apple Store (Bullring) they had loads of shuffle accessories just for what you wanted.

    For a start, have you thought about these? Griffin TuneCaps. But theres plenty more.
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    I know there are plenty of accessories out there, but at least the last time I checked out the ones available at my local CompUSA and BestBuy (2-3 weeks ago), the ones that looked like they might be OK all had fine print on them saying don't use this on a keychain. I also checked out reviews at iLounge and didn't find anything appropriate at the time. I'm about 40 miles from the nearest Apple store, so I don't want to make the trip if they're only going to have the same stuff that I can find locally/online.

    At least this Griffin product claims to be designed for keyring operation, unfortunately for methis article didn't particularly like the product.

    So the original question remains has anyone found a good way to carry a shuffle on a keyring?

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    This might be exactly what your looking for but I would be very careful if I were you. If you read the review on apple's site you'll notice the one review states "I disagree and love this product! The caps stay on fine- and are very useful." I don't know if Apple pulled the other reviews, but I know for certain the caps don't stay on very good, because my son lost his 1 gig shuffle when it was on the cap that hooks. The other problem he had was with the keychain, the cap came off where it connects. Stay away!
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    check out iPodlounge http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/accessories/ specifically. . . they have lots of good reviews of products for the shuffle. and under casses and clips on that page there are a number that have keychains. the only thing i would personally warn you abuot having a shuffle on a keychain is it will get scratched up and such if it is with a bunch of keys. i keep mine in/on my pocket with a clip from macmice.com (not a keychain) but becuase of the interaction with my pocket the shuffle gets pretty dirty from pocket lint. i have it in a protective case as well, just a little cheap skin that you can find a dozen varieties of. it at least protects against scratches w/o getting in the way. so id consider a case as well as a keychain holder for the shuffle.
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    Both good points.

    I keep my full size ipod in my pocket, protected by an iSkin. I completely despise lanyards, but maybe I could live with a decent clip and keep it in/on a pocket or on a beltloop.
    Dan, thanks for the first-hand report. The link didn't work, but I suspect you were referring to the Speck Connect & Protect.
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    If it were me, I would first try cutting the string out of the lanyard and then getting a semi-circular keychain from a hardware store and putting it on that... the lanyard top seemed to stay on just as well as the standard cap when I had a shuffle, which is to say, quite securely.
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    I keep my shuffle on my keychain. It actually works very well and adds suprisingly little bulk.
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    How have you done this with your keychain?

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