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Shuffle Podcasts

Discussion in 'iPod' started by DJ OJ, Feb 8, 2007.

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    DJ OJ

    What is the deal with the new shuffle and podcasts?
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    Can you rephrase that again?
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    DJ OJ

    CAn I listen to podcasts on the shuffle, I am guessing the answer is yes, but would like to make sure.
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    I don't see why not, As long as you have enough room.
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    Yes you can listen to podcasts, I own a Shuffle.
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    Yes you can.

    And you can begin a long Podcast, switch to music and then back to the Podcast were you left off.
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    That's cool that it supports resume like that, but mightn't it be tricky to navigate back to the podcast? :D
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    That's EXACTLY what I wanted to know.
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    I put the Podcast at the beginning of the Shuffle. So when I go to straight play I can find them easily.

    For example, I have the selected Podcast at the top of my list. I am playing in straight mode. After a few minutes I decide that I want to listen to music in straight or shuffle mode. After a few songs I decide to go back to my Podcast. I move the mode to straight play, then press the Play button three times and I am back to my Podcast. Works well.

    You can do this with multiple Podcasts. However, you will have to navigate between them. But since the Shuffle will remember where you were at it still is pretty easy to find the particular Podcast where you left off.

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