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Shure Music Phone Adapter (MPA) - Now Available

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by KCWolfPck, Jul 27, 2007.

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    The Shure MPA expected to be released in August has arrived. It is now for sale at the Apple Shop and is marked as shipping within 24 hours.

    I know this has been mentioned in another thread, but for the sake of people searching, I thought this new accessory was worthy of it's own thread.

    For people with EC4 (or EC3)....I am going to call Shure and ask if they will convert them to a modular cord if I send it in (at my cost of course). As it is now, I'm not sure that I want the Shure adapter because there would be a lot of extra cord.
  2. sJv
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    They are even $10 cheaper than Shure had estimated on their site.



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    That's going to make for a LOT of cord isn't it? I shure's already have a long cord; I can't imagine adding a bunch of extra to get the mic up to a reasonable distance from my mouth.
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    It wouldn't be too much cord for current gen Shure earphone because they are modular in design. However, that is too much cord for stock EC series earphones. I am in the process of finding out if they can be modified.

    EDIT - Modification of EC series through Shure is a no go. They don't do actual repairs....they just do replacements. Bummer!!!
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    Just lost my e2c's, so I won't be buying this! :mad:
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    I'll let you guys know. Mine should be delivered within the next couple hours!
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    Was that EST? I'm eagerly awaiting your personal review :rolleyes:
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    What headphones do you have, this is made for the SE models
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    from what i understand, they will certainly work better with the cord legth of the se models, however they will work with e2cs, etc. the drawback is the cord length. i would love to find a good solution for wrapping up all the excess cord, as i own the e2cs and hate apples earbuds.i am considering if it is worth buying the se's, but it seems so silly to spend $100 just to shorten up cord length....
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    I think I'll be getting the Belkin's TuneTie to shorten my E3c cable when my adapter arrives next week.
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    Just ordered mine for my Bose headest. Not a big fan of ear buds.
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    What kind of Bose headset do you have and how much did they cost? I'm looking to get a really good quality headset for my iPhone but am not sure what to get. I'm assuming that the Bose headset will also work with the Shure adapter.
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    Hey, did yours arrive? If so, how does it work? Does anyone know if I can use this adapter with headphones other than Shure headphones? I am considering purchasing some Bose headphones to use with this adapter.
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    I have the quiet comfort 2 headset from Bose. They are over the ear around $300. They are great in airplanes and noisy environments (active noise reduction) and have a very good bass response.
    The Shure adapter has a standard stereo mini in and the iPhone skinny mini out.
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    We're all waiting . . . where are you? :rolleyes:
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    Does anyone know if this adapter will be available in the apple stores also?

    Update: I just called my local apple store and they didn't even know what I was talking about. Oh well, guess i will have to order online. :)
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    Yes it is, under iPhone headphones.
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    I know they are available on Apple's online store. But, I was hoping to go the the local apple store and buy them there. Thanks for the info anyways.
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    I received mine 2 days ago and am sending it right back. There is way to much cord clutter and even if you had the new shure headphones and clipped the mic it still is not close enough pretty upset about the purchase
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    anyone else experiencing this problem? I just ordered them but might cancel my order if the extra cord is way too much.
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    Agreed that the shure cable is a messy solution... I've been building custom earphones based on the OEM iPhone cable. This way you get ideal cable length and you retain the tiny mic/pushbutton.. I've been using the Etymotic ER-6i buds for great isolation and sound quality. It's a delicate procedure to do yourself but doable if you have the right tools.

    Please excuse the shameless plug, but if you're interested, search for "iPhone UltimateBuds" on ebay or visit http://www.ultimatebuds.com

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    I just ordered my Shure adapter along with a shure headset. I can't wait to try them out. The headset that came with the iPhone is ok but seem to not be able to handle any song with even a tiny bit of base.
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    Well, if you want comfort, I've heard the Bose QC is actually very comfortable. However, if you want good to great sound quality, Bose is at the bottom of every single audiophile list I've seen. I've listened to the Tri-Ports, and while not absolutely terrible, my PX-100 sounds quite a bit better (at under $50).

    I'm very happy with the Shure E4 (think I got them for $180), but there are a lot of choices out there. Check out http://www.head-fi.org/ for more info. They're a bit fanatical, but they won't steer you wrong... although I wouldn't be surprised if at least one or two people tries to convince you to go with the UE-10Pro :p

    I'm thinking of simply shortening the cord on my E4, then make an extension out of what I cut off. Maybe next weekend...
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    The triports and QC Bose are quite different. The passive tri port is a passable headset. The QC active is much better. No they are not reference. Bose has never made reference headsets...they try to trick out the soundstage and give EQ boosts that "most people" would prefer.

    By the way, no headphone is ever going to be reference as there is no "room" to duplicate the mixer's environment. Headphones are a necessary evil when portability is needed. How could anything under $1,000 dollars recreate mixing environments worth hundreds of thousands of dollars?
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    What's the exact length of the cord on the adapter? And what's the total cord length on the adapter + a set of SEs?

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