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Sick and tired of the 4-inch screen

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by raptorstv, Nov 29, 2012.

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    the more days past, the more i hate my iphone 5.... it's excellent at everything, but when it's used for browsing the web, it just hurts my eyes... i dont wanna switch to android just because android sucks balls...

    i just submitted a feedback telling apple how pissed i am with the small iphone 5 screen.... all of you guys should do the same, here's the link:

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    Small iPhone screen. Have you had an S3 before this or something? It's bigger than any of it's predecessors.
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    Have you tried Android since gingerbread? It hardly sucks and seems to be a viable option for you to consider given your complaint.
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    The iPhone is designed to be used with one hand. Bigger phones are not. That's the difference. If you're fine with using your phone with two hands from time to time, then the iPhone isn't for you, and you can get a larger phone.
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    Do you have any reasoning behind saying Android sucks balls? Try not to be so biased..
  6. raptorstv, Nov 29, 2012
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    cant live without these apps.......
    - facetime
    - imessage
    - goodreader
    - CBC TV
    - puffin
    - CNBC RT
    - my university school app
    - podcast
    - passbook
    - KTdict Chinese-English
    - Viki (Android has it, but so buggy)
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    Your eyes must be sensitive.
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    Sorry, you fell for marketing. You still use two hands to use the phone. Try reaching for those buttons in the upper right or left corners with one hand.
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    Forgive me, but you're mistaken. I own an iPhone 5 and have no trouble using it with one hand. I will admit that I have large hands however.
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    What were you thinking did you buy it without trying it? I believe the screen size was the same size as when you purchased it. Maybe you need new glasses prescription, and/or turn on accessibility options for yourself. Maybe you need a fat phone like Galaxy Note?
  11. Diseal3, Nov 29, 2012
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    If you need said utilities you going to have to deal with what Apple gives you, complaining here isn't going to help.

    I think people have different needs for a device and does not make anyone less of a person for the smartphone they have in their pocket. That's just nonsense.
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    This may come as a surprise but people's hands vary in size.
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    Maybe u should upgrade the prescription. :)

    Seriously I don't know how some folks stare at the thing like forever. Picture, map, quick text OK but try to read a site without zooming, not me!

    Perhaps a Mini is in your future.
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    the screen is fine for me & i wear glasses.
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    yes, and I am larger than average.

    Unless you are an NBA player, you are still using two hands many times.
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    NBA players probably use one hand even on the iPad. :cool:
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    The problem with android in the US is bloatware. Annoying bloatware. Absolutely mind numbing, RAM wasting, totally useless carrier crap bloatware. None of the android phone manufacturers have the balls to stand up to the carriers to forbid the automatic inclusion of their crapware. Enter Apple, who won't allow it. And guess what, Apple again surpassed Android in the US for the largest share of the market.
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    Do you guys know how to appreciate the things you have? Apple bumped the screen up to 4" and people are not happy. Even if Apple made it stay at 3.5", people are also not happy.

    What the hell do you guys want? Its not like Apple can create the perfect screen size that will please every single individual out there.
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    No, I use one hand. Unless of course, if I am using it in landscape mode.
  20. throAU, Nov 29, 2012
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    to clarify - the phone isn't intended to be a long session web browsing device. if that's what you're intending to spend most of the time using it for, you bought the wrong device.

    Compromises are made for every form factor. the iPad/tablet form factor would suck as a phone. The phone form factor sucks for web browsing. The galaxy note form factor is too small to be a decent tablet/browsing platform, and too big to be convenient for use as a phone (personal opinion). Another way some people may look at the note form factor us an acceptable compromise between the tablet and phone. I'd rather have 2 devices, personally.

    Pick the trade-offs you are willing to make and rule out the devices that are unsuitable. There is no one-size fits all device form factor.
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    From real word experience and not marketing.

    One hand use on the iphone is great. No problems reaching any button.

    Thumbs reach the volume buttons and home button. Index finger reach the power button.

    Don't have big hands and average height.
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    Get a Note 2? 5.5" screen.
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    This is getting out of hand. If its hurting your eyes, THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR EYES.

    You don't read a book, turn over three pages then think 'this book is defective, it's making my eyes hurt'.

    Did you say later in the thread that trying to read a site without zooming in? That's what the zoom feature is for!! Double tap on a paragraph and it fills the screen.

    I'm still perfectly happy with my 4S screen. I wear glasses and have no trouble with it whatsoever.
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    I can reach with one hand but I have big hands, 6'2 - 230
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    My only complaint is the screen should have been a little bit wider, maybe a mm or 2. Those of us with "smaller" hands, I feel that it is annoying to using with one or two hands just because one hand is not enough reaching capabilities and two hands is too compact...so I'm kind of in the "gray" area :/

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