Sighting of MacBook Air in Moscone Centre

Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by applemax, Jan 12, 2008.

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    Just thought you'd like to see. I just saw it so I took a pic :)

    I guess the elevator mockups start ------ now! :D

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    Must be true since the picture is inside an elevator. :p
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    I doubt it. Someone would have been carrying that or something. No way, Steve lets that go unguarded. It's just there in all it's glory for you to take a photo of - not buying it.

    Nice try.
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    lol - you obviously haven't been here long - it's a tradition here at macrumors that new products are jokingly placed in elevators ever since the 'ihome' elevator shot.
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    Someone's clearly a n00b :D
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    Yep I'll admit, I'm a newbie on MacRumors so I don't know all the traditions/jokes. Photo still sucked.
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    It's supposed to be crap, that's the joke!
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    I think I get that part now that the others mentioned the tradition. :rolleyes: The joke sucked. <---- is that better for you.

    ETA: I apologize to the OP for ruining the joke/tradition. I had no idea - guess I walked right into that elevator LOL.
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    Hi to all people, congratulations for this great forum :9

    one thing, or the elevator it's so small or the box so big! For the dimension of the box it must be a 17" laptop at least!
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    Father Jack

    I was thinking more along the lines of a 24" or larger laptop .. :eek:
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    It's real guys. My uncle who lives in Cupertino works as a janitor and he said he saw someone putting that box into the elevator. And apparently Steve saw my uncle eyeing the box and told him to pinky-swear he won't tell anyone.
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    it's fake or someone have stolen the mac XD

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    IT'S A JOKE.
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    Ah, and even the iHome 'elevator' shot is an myth - it wasn't in an elevator. Or at least, no elevator I've ever seen (i.e. one with carpets, standard office wall panels and a power duct round the side...) :)
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    i think he knows this....
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    lmao.. reading this post really made me laugh - loads of people pointing out how obvious the box wasn't there when it is the shoddiness of the image that is in fact the joke; poking fun at fake spy photos.

    Just one look at the image should tell you that this is definitely a joke even if you don't realize the elevator connotations!
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    If Apple were to invent the iElevator we'd see shots of elevators inside elevators! :eek:
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    This brought the lolz :p :D
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    2A Batterie

    Maybe it's the new iJoke. Jeez kids, lighten up a little. FWIW, I thought it was a great joke.
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    Doesn't matter if it's 17", some people still think that anything 0.25" thick qualifies as a subnotebook. ;)
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    OMG it's true!

    I just saw Steve entering the same elevator with a MacBook Air box!!! :eek:

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    :eek: Conclusive evidence!
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    Much Ado

    Err... now you've missed the joke :D
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    Nice elevator shot :D

    Btw, is the name "MacBook Air" confirmed? I mean, I like the name, it just doesn't sound to me like a name that apple would choose for a new laptop. But what do I know?

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