SigmaTel To Supply Next-Gen iPod Shuffle Chip?

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    According to Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Craig Berger (reported by EE Times), Apple's next-generation iPod Shuffle will use a SigmaTel media processor chip rather than the previously rumored (also by EE Times) Samsung-Apple "PortalPlayer-killer" chip.

    Samsung and PortalPlayer were among other competitors for the contract, and according to the analyst, Samsung may have originally won the contract. However, when Samsung announced last month that it had secured contracts with Apple for future flash iPods, Berger believes Apple may have had a change of heart.

    Currently, the 5G and iPod Nano use PortalPlayer chips and the Shuffle uses SigmaTel chips. As rumor stands currently, next-gen Shuffles will use SigmaTel chips, Nanos will use Samsung chips. Currently, the 6G iPod contract is unknown, and "true" video iPod contract is rumored to be still up in the air. Of note, a recent uncorroborated page 2 rumor indicated that the Shuffle was in line to be discontinued.
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    Come on, is it really that big of a deal? If Samsung has a better chip, we should be using them. Hopefully this isn't just a punishment...
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    And so goes the world of Apple...
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    I was under the impression that the Shuffle was being discontinued... I'll be interested if this next gen Shuffle has amazing battery life... if not i could care less.

    Anyone know how the Signa-Tel chips are on battery life in comparison to other player's chips, etc?
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    thats cool. looking forward lost my last shuffle
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    I don't understand the importance of this at all :confused:
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    It's important to those who have stock in any of the companies involved (i.e. Apple, Samsung, PortalPlayer, SigmaTel). For consumers, it doesn't matter too much. It does, however, indicate even more that that page2 rumor was bogus (and thus was placed well on page 2).
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    Ah, thanks for the clarification
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    Punishing Samsung by canceling a contract that was awarded to them based on their being the best choice for reasons of quality, price, production capacity, or other important factors?

    I hope not.
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    Hey... it's the analyst's reasoning not mine :rolleyes:

    It very well may turn out that the whole Samsung-Apple chip was only destined for the nano, and ever was intentioned for the Shuffle, and thus SigmaTel never even lost the Shuffle line in the first place (and therefore, Samsung never won it over).
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    Yeah no kidding. That would put Apple's attitude on par with a 5 year old throwing a fit.
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    Well, I still without any iPod...
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    that was unexpected. i thought shuffles weren't gonna be updated for a long time
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    I opine that if the Shuffle gains capacity it should gain a screen. Just something simple with artist and track name, even in the casing itself that glows through..forget what that is called
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    Think you're looking for OLED (organic light emitting diode)...

    I'm taking a wait-and-see approach on the shuffle screen. If anything, I think they will want to miniaturize it a bit, which would put a screen out of its reach. I would buy one if it got smaller and reduced by $10. A 1 gig shuffle for $89 that can both play songs and no longer any bigger than a normal memory thumb-drive? Sold.
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    If they update the shuffle, how would they improve on a nearly flawless design? Battery life alone doesn't warrent an entire upgrade. In terms of low-end, screen-less flash players, the shuffle has it going on. It can't get a screen because it would cannibalize 1GB nano sales. Personally, I think they should drop the 1GB nano and have 2, 4 and either 6 or 8 GB models at the same price points.

    In any case, I hope that Apple is still using Samsung, because if the analyst's reasoning is correct, then Apple is being absolutely childish.
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    lord patton

    It could be smaller. Some have said it gets in the way of adjacent usb ports. Plus, I think having a rainbow of color options would be cool.
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    Smaller would be good. It does get in the way of other USB devices/slots depending on the computer.

    Colors. Hmmm... Maybe they will make the whole line up Black and White.

    Then again, a rainbow of colors for the Shuffle would be kind of cool.

    What I really wish, is some ability to select among multiple playlists.
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    Page 2?
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    Muiltiple playlist would be nice, I mean I love the shuffle feature of the shuffle but sometimes i want to listen to a certain song and having to click through hundreds of a songs to get to one can get pretty annoying.
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    Yes, I wish they would just hurry up already with multiple iPod releases. I've been holding out forever! I don't know if I want to get a shuffle or a Nano. I need a jump drive, but if the Nano is only a little more, it might be worth it. Anyone have ideas of when an announcement could be made?
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    "Currently, the 6G iPod contract is unknown, and "true" video iPod contract is"

    What do they mean my "true" video iPod?:confused:
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    I doubt this rumor is correct. Why would Apple punish itself by going to a lesser supplier when they can just add a non-disclosure clause to the contract? If they blab, they pay.
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    New iPods next Tuesday?? :rolleyes:

    Probably not until October after the Back to College "Buy a Mac, Get an iPod" promotion. And plenty of time for Christmas.
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    Yes yes yes! But no screen please, provide a button or mode or triple-click scheme for this!

    (I really hope someone at Apple reads these forums: I've been begging for this feature in every thread about the Shuffle :D )

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