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Significant PowerMac G4 price INCREASE on Apple Store

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by dabirdwell, Jun 27, 2003.

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    Anyone know what's up with this? I was about to sell my dual 867 for the 1500-1800 they have been bringing on EBay and buy a dual 1.25 for about the same. But in the last few hours the prices have gone up considerably.

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    Yeah, just noticed they dropped the $1500 dual 1.25 Ghz G4. Actually though, you can custom configure the "Ultimate" model back to the original $1599 price that was there right after WWDC. I guess too many people were buying the dual 1.25's, they are a pretty good deal. The way they've now structured it, seems they are trying to get more money out of people without actually raising the prices. Damn marketing.....:p
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    Thanks for being so observant
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    I just tried this and can confirm that the $1599 DP 1.25's are in fact still there if you custom build the Ultimate model, as Mopar has noted.

    Besides, who wants to pay Apple's prices (you can drop the price $850 if you scale it back to 256MB) for all that RAM? :D
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    May be a deterrant because stock may be low. My local Apple Store had a rush on these things and I think had to order more. They likely want the stock to last until the G5 ships, so making it look like less of a deal could do that. Either that or they hope to price them higher thinking more people will pay more $$$. Or they feel making the prices public have hurt G5 sales. Who knows?

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