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silly ipad camera connection question

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by jviphone, Apr 27, 2010.

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    Can you just view the photos from the sd card or the camera, without importing, i have a 16gb ipad and a 16gb sd card for my camera, I dont want to have to import pictures everytime. I want to show customers from a photo shoot on location, I just want to be able to connect the sd card kit pop it in and view the images like a proof sheet clicking on the ones they like, or view it as a slideshow is this possible?
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    Unfortunately, the answer is no. Small thumbnails is all you'll see without importing the photos. Hope Apple fixes this in a future update.
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    I'd love to be able to hook up my SLR and have the pictures show on the iPad when taken like you can on a laptop. Life would be great.
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    64 gb rules. Makes the camera kit look serious. ;)
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    I wish I could hook up my Canon 1D to iPad and review the pictures as I take them outdoors.
    That would be a great accessory.
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    LOL is there an echo in here? :p
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    well as soon as its jailbroken im sure you will be able to hook up external drives, flash drives etc, and all they have to do is read the folder on your sd card in the photos app as an external album for you to view them so it doesnt sound like it will be too hard to do. Sure someone is working on an app already.
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    Not possible right now as the camera goes into transfer mode when it's connected
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    i thought once you hooked the camera to the usb that it imports the picture thumbnails and then if you want to transfer them to your iPad you would select "import"

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