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silver ipod mini- unopened

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by gwuMACaddict, Jul 29, 2004.

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    silver ipod mini- unopened, new in box. $260, you pay shipping. have it now- much cheaper than ebay!

    send me an email or post back at this thread
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    Why do people still keep selling it over retail $$? it's no longer impossible to find you know...
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    its still not shipping in some places as far as i know, and they sell for more than what im asking on ebay

    so thats why
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    Available at CT apple store now.
    And on ebay they will pay 20$ fee...
    But Hey! Not crapping on your thread. The flag is in your hands. Good luck.
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    then leave it at one post, fella. maybe somebody else is interested...

    like i said, they're selling for more than that on ebay
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    Then why not sell it on eBay? I had a gold one (not so desireable) since launch, and just sold it last week for 270 bucks on eBay. I got it at the edu price too so it was pretty good for me. And besides, the fees on eBay will only be like 10 bucks.
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    its you supply and demand folk that ruined tickle me elmo, furby, AND pokemon :p! good luck sellin, free up^
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    $260 is a pretty good price considering you don't need to pay tax. Mini iPods are still pretty hard to find here in SoCal, and I assume other big cities as well. If someone doesn't want to go thru the trouble of looking for one, this is a great opportunity to get one at a decent price.
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    You'd only be making 10 bucks.

    There are easier ways to make 10 bucks.
    For example, look at my user profile, and check out my "interests"

    What ever floats you boat....
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    not really cuz the buyer then has to pay shipping too
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    i'm glad this turned in to such a disscussion about whether or not i should be selling it and for how much.

    lets just forget the whole deal, my brothers birthday is coming up and i can give it to him.
  12. jsw
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    gwuMACaddict - sorry everyone crapped on your thread. I think it's a very fair price. Were it a pink one, I'd have gotten it today for my wife's birthday. Others looking for a silver one would buy at $260, I'm sure. I appreciate you offering it the the MacRumors community at what I think is a fair price. Although some Apple Stores apparently have the minis, all three even somewhat near me are out and will be out for some time.
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    Ah...the notorious thread crappers strike again. :eek:
  14. jsw
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    Yeah, stinks up the whole forum. ;)

    I think proper "Marketplace and Classifieds" etiquette is that, if you feel someone is misrepresenting something, call them out publicly. If you think someone is overpricing something, send them a PM. If it's priced way too high, no one will buy it, and no one gets hurt. If it's priced a bit high, but the price is still reasonable for someone, I don't see the harm. It's hard to find an exact, proveable, fair price. In this case, for example, Rezet thinks it's too high, whereas I would have bought it immediately were it a different color and thought that I'd gotten a great deal - at worst, even if I could buy it for no tax up in NH, I'd've lost $10. With tax, I come out even, including shipping costs. So I don't think it's right to complain publicly about items being priced "too high" when it's not blatantly too high.

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