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Silvo vs. Brasso for iPod Cleaning

Discussion in 'iPod' started by idkfa, May 28, 2006.

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    I have noticed that the screen of my iPod is getting scratched. :eek: Who would have thought?? :p

    Normally I would not mind, especially for music listening due to the bright white screen, but for movies where scenes can be darker, it catches the eye. I have read online that Brasso seems to do the trick, and I was hoping some one could help me.

    I apparently have Silvo in my basement (Silvo = Silver Cleaner) and I was wondering if it would do the same thing, or would it be too abrasive, or not abrasive enough?
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    Silvo and Brasso would work, but both are very abrassive. You are better off starting with something gentle such as plain white toothpaste (toothpaste is slightly abrassive.) If you cannott achieve the finish you want with the toothpaste then move up to the Silvo.

    The other alternative is to use the toothpaste then finish off with a coat of car wax such as TurtleWax. The wax will fill small scratches and leave a nice polished finish that will help protect the iPod from future scratches.
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    Has anyone used toothpaste on the screen before?

    I have heard it works well, and I have just finished up using it on the chrome back. It looks awesome, but I am a little wary of using it on the screen.
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    Can't help you with the toothpaste, but brasso did the trick for my old nano.

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