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SimCity 4 for mac petition

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by AHDuke99, Jan 22, 2003.

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    Oh MY GOD!
    If we really need the same thread 3 times, I swear something is wrong.

    Arn start giving more people mod powers, sheech. This has to be (atleast) the 3ed SimCity Petition thread.

    Look Before posting a new thread! PLEASE!
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    sorry, I just wanted to put the word out.
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    Look, SimCity is/was made by Maxis. There's always been a mac version for every Maxis game, usually before the PC version. True, EA bought Maxis, but still... It's not like they've said "no SimCity 4 for Mac", at least AFAIK.
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    The damn game just came out and people are already whining. You'd think people would know that the games take a little bit more time on the Mac. Jez
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    um or maybe that 3 different people posted this thread 3 seperate times.
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    since when were 3 similar threads so offensive? oh well, even though i probably wont be getting it i signed it anyways :)
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    It's not that it is offensive, it is just that one thread for one topic is enough.:)
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    Well, you know, are we supporsed to search the whole site and check if there's the same topic before posting anything? I think it's a lot better to have duplicate posts than to have no post at all :D Guys like me only checks very recent thread and don't bother checking postings of weeks old.

    As to the SimCity petition, I think EA will release Mac edition sooner or later like they did with SimCity 3000 and The Sims. So I wouldn't worry about it. Are there any Maxis branded games not released for Mac?

    Well, but I couldn't wait for it so I've bought a PC edition. I have a Vaio just for games, video conferencing and screen-proof web productions.
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    And after reading 'some' of the topics even one thread is too much! :D

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    Why is it that i can't get any of you to back me up when *i* bitch about duplicate threads, but you're all about ganging up and being rude to this guy?

    i think you're all being too harsh. Yes duplicate threads are a problem, but there's no reason to make the guy flee the whole site! he's a newbie for christssakes!

    evidently none of you people were ever newbies :p

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    If you start bitching in a thread I'll back you up next time I see one.
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    179 and counting, If you guys are annoyed by all the threads, I just want to put the word out.
    Thanks to everyone who signed. It'll be up until Feb 10th
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    closing in on 200, thanks for the support
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    204 signatures in less than 48 hours, thanks for signing, try to spread to other Sims/EA forums.
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    213 signatures.......
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    Wow you have just one the:

    'I can't Hit the Edit button to modify the number of signatures my petition has.' Award.


    Even if you post ontop of yourself this thread can't be moved up on the main page.

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