SimCity 4 Rush Hour 1.1 Rev. A. UB Released.

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by thefunkymunky, Apr 27, 2007.

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    I'm missing something, is this a full version Beta for the game, or is it just a patch test to see if it works on intel?
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    Its a UB Beta patch for your existing copy of SimCity 4 Rush Hour. Its only a 13MB download so its definately not the full game.
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    Ah- I can't access download sites at work, so I couldn't tell.

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    well to me the performance is either worse or the same as running in rosetta, in fact i preferred it in rosetta, now it seems slower at loading buildings, i never had that in rosetta
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    Well, I guess this is a start at getting a real UB patch. I guess this will do.

    SimCity 4 was always a resource hog and was barely playable on most high-end Macs and PCs, so somehow I'm not surprised by the performance reports.

    Macmadant, what kind of a Mac are you using? Preferably post CPU and GPU specs. A good GPU is useful in getting rid of the bottleneck of redrawing buildings (and I think there was an option in the graphics settings to optimize it).
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    I'm looking forward to giving this a try on my MP or MBP sometime soon.
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    Well I have to say that the performance is worse than while running the PPC version on my MBP and Intel iMac.

    Can anyone with a PPC Mac let us know whether performance is better as this release is also meant to improve performance for older Macs too.
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    It won't work on the regular non-Deluxe non-Rush Hour version of SC4 :(.
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    Nope. This update is only for the Rush Hour version of SimCity 4.
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    2.16 GHz C2D
    X1600 128 MB
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    I just gave the UB patch a try on my MacBook Pro, and it's definitely a much better experience, beta version or not. I'm using a 2.16GHz Core 2 Duo with 2GB RAM and the 128MB Radeon X1600. I have all graphics settings on the highest except for # of sims/cars, which is set to medium (I just don't like seeing too many little things moving around) and I've got the music turned on.

    Now, of course, the patch doesn't suddenly make the game scrolling as fluid as a first person shooter or anything, but I don't think this game was coded to ever really perform like that.

    I haven't tried on my MacPro yet... the performance on it probably won't be as good, because I only have 1GB of RAM in there for now.
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    Interesting. My friend has the PC version and scrolling was smooth as butter on a AMD 2XXX+ with 256 MB of RAM and a nVidia FX 5700 and when I tried it on a G5 with a 9600 Pro it was just as smooth, so I'm a little discouraged that the patch isn't working well. Hopefully Rev B will be better.
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    I have been playing the game with some of my old cities (very big) and have discovered that the game seems to run much, much, much better when you check "Run in Rosetta" than when its running as an Intel binary. Also in the Intel binary I have seen bugs, like switching of colors for routes, etc...
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    Why is it only for the Rush Hour version? I have the original Sim City 4 here, and it says "Aspyr" on the box.
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    Because the code is different so they've started with the Rush Hour version. I would think they would eventually get to the regular Sim City 4, but only time will tell. You're not missing much though, so just keep playing the most recent version that you can.
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    Well, it may be a beta, but it's better than nothing. Looks like Aspyr is finally getting their act together.

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