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Simple iBook Power Adaptor Question

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by terriyaki, Aug 8, 2005.

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    Does order matter when plugging your power adaptor into your iBook?

    I've always made sure my power adaptor was plugged into my iBook before plugging it into a wall outlet.. but does it really matter? Will plugging the power adaptor into a wall outlet first and then plugging it into the iBook cause any potential problems?

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    I always do it the opposite way with my PowerBook, I guess we just proved it doesn't matter which order. :)
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    My wife has her adapter connected to the wall socket all the time. Never any problem with connecting or disconnecting.
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    You have to plug it into your computer before you plug it into the wall. Doing otherwise will ignite the plutonium inside the adapter and unleash an atomic explosion that will nuke your entire neighborhood. Trust me - I learned this the hard way!
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    AJ Muni

    lol alex.....the same thing happend to my mother-in-law~~~!!!
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    My power adaptor for my laptop and iPod are both permanently plugged in behind a dresser/desk.
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    God damnit your reply is a day too late.. it's over.. it's all over.. my poor, poor iBook never saw it coming. :mad: :(

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    Is that covered by applecare? :rolleyes:
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    Nice! :D

    Seriously, I think the opposite way is better for the following reason: sometimes the plugs spark on plug-in... I am sure it is harmless, but if you plug into the wall first, then at the worst, you will damage the power supply but not the computer. Which seems like a good trade to me. :)
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    I always plug it into the wall first, cause think of it this way. When you plug it into the wall, electricity rushes into the wire and is ready for your ibook. If you plug it into the iBook first and then into the wall, it will rush into the adapter and straight into the iBook------BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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